Looking for an easy and fun summer icebreaker game for your next women’s ministry event or fellowship?

These Summer Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions provide opportunities for your group to share their summer preferences.

Watch your women connect over questions such as:

  • Would you rather swim in the ocean or swim in a pool?
  • Would you rather swim in the ocean or swim in a pool?
  • Would you rather go on a picnic or to an outdoor concert?
  • Would you rather ride the rollercoasters or the kiddie rides?
  • Would you rather spend a Saturday morning garage sale shopping or fishing?

The free printable includes a total of 20 Summer Would You Rather questions. 

7 Ways to Use These Questions:

  1. Place one question at everyone’s seat. Have the group/table go around and share their answer.
  2. Place the cards inside a sand pail (or bag) and have each person take a question out and answer it as it passes by.
  3. Divide the room in half (painters tape works great) and have everyone answer by standing on the side of the line/room that represents their answer.
  4. Take a vote! Have the group guess which answer they think the person will choose before having them reveal their answer.
  5. Write the questions on a set of Jenga blocks. As each person takes a turn they have to answer the question. (Just write the choices.)
  6. Ask participants to share “why”. Best for smaller groups and/or tables.
  7. Write the questions all over the surface of a beach ball. Participants choose between the two questions their hands land on when they catch the ball.

The choice is yours – have fun with it!

In the free PDF file below you’ll find:

  1. The instructions
  2. The list of Summer Would You Rather Questions
  3. The same questions but in card format, so you can cut them out.

Click the link below to open the file.

Summer Would You Rather Questions

It can be tempting to take a ministry break over the summer – but your women still need opportunities to connect!

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