Icebreaker Would You Rather - Christmas Version

Every great Christmas celebration requires 3 things:

  1. Great food
  2. Fun icebreaker game(s)
  3. Christmas music

I’m here to help with a brand new Christmas icebreaker game and a brand new Christmas album!

First things first, I created a clean, fun Christmas version of “Would You Rather” questions just for you.

You could:

  • Place a question at every person’s seat
  • Put all the questions in a Christmas themed gift bag and pass them around the circle
  • Ask the group to weigh in on what they think each person will choose before having them share their answer
  • Divide the room in half and have the group members answer by moving to opposite sides of the room – gingerbread men on one side, candy dipping to the other side.

The choice is yours – have fun with it!

I’ve created a free PDF for you to print and use the questions as you wish.

Page 1 lists all the questions should you wish to read them aloud.

Page 2-4 lists the same questions with space in between so you can print and cut them. Click the link to open and download or print.

Would You Rather Questions Christmas Version

Now that you’ve got a great game to play, you need some great Christmas music! You are going to “adore” it! *wink, wink

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No matter what kind of event you’re hosting you’re going to want to be sure to have some Christmas music playing the in the background.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Chris Tomlin’s new Christmas album Adore: Christmas Songs Of Worship and I highly recommend you add this CD to your Christmas party playlist!

One of my favorite songs is A King Like This (Live) – Chris Tomlin. I can’t help but raise my hands in worship.

I also love It’s Christmas (Medley) [Live] – Chris Tomlin. It’s an upbeat song that blends in the lyrics from several traditional Christmas hymns you know and love in a fresh fun way.

Honestly, the whole album is great! This CD is going to live in my car for the next month.

Listen for yourself – Below you’ll find the video for Noel with Lauren Daigle.


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