Quick and fun the Christmas Icebreaker Roll & Poll will be a hit with your group! Free printable included.

Your group is going to love the Christmas Roll & Poll icebreaker game!

This game is great for groups of any size and can be used over and over again.

It’s never the same game twice!

Icebreaker: Christmas Roll & Poll

Description: Participants will take a turn rolling a die to determine which Christmas-themed question they need to answer.

Group size: Groups of 4-8

Time needed: 10 minutes


  • One die per group
  • One playing card per group (link at bottom of post)


1.Gather a couple of volunteers to distribute one playing card and one die per group/table.

2.Say: Tonight we’ve got a quick and fun Christmas icebreaker to play. We’re going to uncover a little Christmas trivia about each other. Each woman in your group will need to take a turn rolling the die and answering the corresponding question. You’ll have 10 minutes to for your group to complete the game. If you have time, please take a second turn.


Packs of regular (and sometimes giant foam) dice can usually be found at the Dollar Store.

Print the cards on colored paper or mount them on card stock and then laminate them for repeated use – it’s a different game every time.


Each Roll & Poll card has different questions on it. You may wish to have groups switch cards and play again later in the evening.

Click the link below to download the game cards and instructions.

Christmas Roll and Poll

I pray the game will be a blessing to your group!

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