wrap it up game

This is one of my absolute, favorite games to play at Christmas parties. It always catches the group by surprise!

The key is keeping the item they’ll be wrapping a surprise!

(Shhhh…they are going to wrap one of their team members!)

Christmas Wrap it Up Game

Group size:  9 or more

Time needed:   Approximately 20 minutes from start to finish

Supplies needed: For each team: 1 roll of wrapping paper, 1 pair of scissors, 1 roll of tape (You should be able to find all of them at the Dollar Tree.) Small prizes for the winning team (i.e. candy canes, Christmas chocolates, etc.)


  1. Divide the group into teams of  3-5 people.
  2. Distribute the supplies to each team.
  3. Say: Today (tonight) we’re going to test your gift wrapping skills. Each team will wrap ONE item and we’ll see who does the best job. When I say “GO!” you’ll have 5 minutes to wrap (insert dramatic pause) one member of your team. Go!
  4. Call time at the end of 5 minutes and walk around to each team. You could have the planning team or a church member serve as the judge or hold your hand over each “present” and choose based on the amount of applause each team receives.
  5. Award the winners and collect the supplies.

Notes: I am always surprised by the creativity of the teams. One team used their empty wrapping paper roll and made a Statue of Liberty-like package. Another fashioned earrings for their gift.

This is a high energy, loud game that usually produces lots of laughter.

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