If Icebreaker The Valentine Version

Looking for a quick Valentine icebreaker for your Women’s Ministry, small group, or Bible study?

Print off the If Icebreaker: Valentine Version and you’ll be ready to go!

If Icebreaker: The Valentine Version

Group size: 4 – 8 people per group

Time needed: 15 minutes

Supplies: Valentine If game cards

Instructions: Print and cut the game cards. (Click link below for free PDF.) Place the cards in a stack in the center of the circle/table. Going around the circle, have each person draw one card and answer it. Play is completed when everyone has drawn one card and answered once.

If Valentine game cards

Notes: Consider putting one card at each person’s chair/space before your meeting/group/event begins. Most will appreciate having some time to think about their response (though you run the risk of missing out on spontaneous answers). Print the cards on colored paper or cardstock so the questions can’t be seen. You may want to laminate the cards for repeated use. If time permits have everyone draw additional cards. Alternatively, you could place the cards in a bowl or red gift bag and pass it around with each person drawing one.

If you have problems opening the free PDF file, please try changing browsers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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