Christmas Couples Icebreaker Game

I love taking a “traditional” icebreaker game and putting a holiday-themed spin on it!

Participants in this game will have two tasks to accomplish.

First they’ll have to figure out what Christmas person, song, or thing has been taped to their back.

Then they’ll have to find their other half somewhere else in the room.

I’ve included 3 different sets of cards for you to use: Christmas movie couples, Christmas symbols, and Christmas songs. You could even combine sets if you want to make it more challenging.

Each set is available as a free PDF download. You are welcome to use the printables for church, personal, or ministry purposes only. You are also welcome to link back to this game if you’d like to share it on your site.

Icebreaker: Famous Christmas Couples

Group size: 8 – 22 (if  your group is larger you’ll need to make additional cards, use more than one set of cards, or divide into smaller groups)

Time needed: 20 minutes

Supplies: Tape, copy of Christmas Couple Cards (Christmas movie couples, Christmas song couples, Christmas symbol couples).

Instructions: Prior to your party/event print and cut the game cards (do not show anyone the cards).

Explain to the group that they are going to get a Christmas couple/symbol/song (depending on which you are using) taped onto their back. They will have two tasks.

  1. First they must figure out what or who they are. They must ask the others in the room questions about their card – only yes and no answers can be given. For example, am I a cartoon character? You may only ask one question of each person in the room. (If you group is smaller than you may want to tell them they can only ask 2 questions of each person.)
  2. After you have figured out what your card says you need to find the other half of your “couple”.

Once everyone understands the game, go around the room taping one card to the back of each player – make sure they do not see what is on their card.

Once everyone has a card on their back let the game begin! First two people to figure out their card and find their match wins. Winners can receive bragging rights, candy cane, or door prize – your choice!

Notes:  I’ve included blank cards in each set so you can add your own Christmas Couples. Want to make it more challenging? Pull couples from each set of cards.

Free Printable Christmas Couples Icebreaker Game

Free Printables: Click the link below to download the corresponding cards.

Christmas Movie Couples
Christmas Songs
Christmas Symbols

I’ve included the lists of couples below so you can decide which cards you want to print out.

Christmas Movie Couples

  1. Ellen &Clark (Christmas Vacation)
  2. Santa & Mrs. Claus
  3. Frosty & Professor Hinkle
  4. Dasher & Dancer
  5. Joseph & Mary
  6. George & Clarence
  7. Scott & Carol (the Santa Clause)
  8. Buddy & Walter (Elf)
  9. Grinch &Cindy Lou
  10. Scrooge & Tiny Tim
  11. Nutcracker & Sugar Plum Fairy

Christmas Symbols

  1. Cocoa & Marshmallows
  2. Tree & Ornaments
  3. Wrapping paper & Ribbon
  4. Milk & Cookies
  5. Red & Green
  6. Star & Bethlehem
  7. Santa & Sleigh
  8. Stockings & Fireplace
  9. Mistletoe & Kisses
  10. Peppermint & Candy Cane
  11. Fruit & Cake

Christmas Songs

  1. Santa & Baby
  2. White & Christmas
  3. Silent & Night
  4. Jingle & Bells
  5. Sleigh & Ride
  6. Marshmallow & World
  7. Silver & Bells
  8. Winter & Wonderland
  9. Blue & Christmas
  10. Joy & World
  11. Away & Manager

Hope your group has fun with the game!

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