The Great Valentine Candy Pass

In need of a quick Valentine’s Day icebreaker?

The Great Valentine Candy Pass is a quick and easy icebreaker.

It’s perfect for a smaller group, but easily adaptable to large groups.

The Great Valentine Candy Pass

Supplies: 2-4 wrapped, hard candies (such as mints) per person; bag(s) or bowl(s) for each group to contain candies; printed list of questions

Participants needed: Group of at least 6; multiple groups seated at separate tables or in a circle will also work well.

Directions: Have group (or groups) sit or stand in a circle within easy reach. Ask each participant to take 2 mints (you could increase this to 3 or 4, but they all need to take the same number). Tell them that you will be asking the group questions. If their answer to the question is “yes”, they need to pass one piece of candy to the person on their right.

Winner: The person with the greatest numbers of candies wins (bragging rights or a small prize).  Let them eat their sweets when finished.

Notes: Big bags of mints can be purchased inexpensively at warehouse stores such as Sam’s Club. Be careful not to use something that could melt! Use the ”printer button” at the bottom of the post to easily print off the questions.

Winner: The person with the greatest numbers of candies wins (bragging rights or a small prize).  Let them eat their sweets when finished.


1. Have you ever gotten a gift from a secret admirer?

2. Do you give out Valentine cards to your friends?

3. Do you like to eat red hots?

4. Do you like to watch romantic movies?

5. Do you like the color red?

6. Have you ever been to a Valentine dance?

7. Have you ever given flowers to someone?

8. Have you ever received flowers?

9. Do you like to eat conversation hearts?

10. Are you a hopeless romantic?

11. Do you look forward to Valentine’s Day?

12. Do you keep items of sentimental value?

13. Are you nails painted pink or red?

14. Do you know the words to “Going to the Chapel”?

15. Have you ever watched the movie Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair to Remember?

16. Do you think diamonds are a girls best friend?

17. Will you be going out to eat for a special meal on Valentine’s Day?

18. Have you ever gotten a heart-shaped box of candy?

19. Do you like red roses?

20. Have you passed your candy to the right yet?

To print out the questions above select the printer icon below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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