The Great Valentine Candy Pass is a fun, quick icebreaker game for groups of all sizes.

In need of a quick Valentine’s Day icebreaker?

The Great Valentine Candy Pass is a quick and easy icebreaker that’s perfect for your small group, Bible study, or women’s ministry meeting.

It works for smaller groups but easily adaptable to large groups.

Laughter ensues as participants try to juggle growing piles of candy while watching how their group members respond to each question.

Based on my wildly popular icebreaker, The Great Candy Pass, this version utilizes Valentine-themed questions.

Questions include:

  • Do you like the color red?
  • Have you ever been to a Valentine’s dance?
  • Have you ever given flowers to someone?
  • Have you ever received flowers?
  • Do you like to eat conversation hearts?

There’s a total of 20 quick questions in the free printable PDF.

The Great Valentine Candy Pass

Group size: 6-20; for larger groups break into multiple smaller groups; participants will need to be seated at a table or in a circle

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Supplies: 2-4 wrapped candies (such as mints or chocolates) per person; printed list of questions below

Click the link below to print off the questions:

The Great Valentine Candy Pass

Directions: Have each group (or groups) sit or stand in a circle within easy reach. Ask each participant to take two wrapped candies. (You could increase this to 3 or 4, but they all need to take the same number).

Say: In honor of the Valentine holiday, we’ve got a quick game for your group to play. As I read through this list of questions, you’ll need to respond by passing one piece of candy to the person on your right if your answer to the question is “yes.” If your answer is “no,” you won’t pass any candy, but you may receive some from the person on your left. Get your hands ready, this game will go quick! Remember, “yes” means you pass one piece of candy to the person on your right. If your answer’s “no,” you sit tight! 

Winner: The person with the greatest numbers of candies wins (bragging rights or a small prize). Let them eat their sweets when finished.

Notes: If you are in a large room or have a large group, you’ll want to use a microphone to be heard. 

This quick, light-hearted game provides an opportunity for your group to bond with one another and sets the stage for deeper conversations.

May their mouths be filled will laughter and their tongues with shouts of joy! Psalm 126:2.

This post was originally published on January 14, 2014. It has been updated and revised.

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