Quick and easy, the Christmas icebreaker game Pick-a-Side is the perfect pick for your Christmas party.


“Pick a Side” is a fun, quick game that involves the entire group. 

Participants must decide which of two Christmas traditions, items, or activities they prefer.

Is your group more the “Elf” crowd or “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

Are they mostly hot chocolate or eggnog drinkers?

Do they admit they’ll re-gift or donate it?

Christmas: Pick a Side

Supplies: A line in the room (gymnasium lines work great, as does painters tape placed on the floor); list of questions; a microphone for larger groups.

Participants needed: 5 or more people (the bigger your group the longer your line needs to be)

Directions: While the group is still seated, explain that you’re going to play a Christmas game that forces them to “Pick a Side”. Their personal preference will determine which side of the line they’ll stand on. For example, if they prefer candy canes they’ll stand on the right side of the line and if they prefer chocolate Santas they’ll stand on the left side of the line. Once the directions have been made clear, instruct the group to get up and stand on the line. Read through the choices one at a time, encouraging the group to quickly “Pick a Side” after both options are given. Remind them that they need to pick one – no standing in the middle!

Notes: This game is intended to move along quickly or the group will get bored. I’ve found it easiest to stand at one end of the line and raise my hand to show which side of the line they need to move to. I.E. Candy canes this side, chocolate Santas this side. Depending on which way folks are standing right and left can get confusing. You do not need to use every item on the list – cut the game short if they seem to be losing interest. If the group is getting loud (which you want!) you’ll likely need to read the choices 2 or 3 times. If getting everyone up and in a line is not an option – have folks stand or sit.

Pick a Side List

  1. Fruitcake – love it or leave it
  2. Green or red
  3. Candy canes – peppermint or anything but
  4. Colored lights or white lights
  5. Eggnog or cocoa
  6. Real tree or artificial tree
  7. Wreaths or garland
  8. Ham or turkey
  9. Jingle Bells or Silent Night
  10. Christmas Eve – still shopping or finished
  11. Re-gift or donate
  12. Christmas – travel or stay home
  13. White Christmas or hold the snow!
  14. Tree up – Day after Thanksgiving or not until December
  15. Black Friday  – shopping or staying home
  16. Christmas cookies – homemade or store-bought
  17. Big gift or lots of little gifts
  18. It’s a Wonderful Life or Elf
  19. Christmas cookies – homemade or store-bought
  20. Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
To print out this game, click the link below:

Christmas Pick a Side

I hope your group enjoys the game!

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