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Over the years this icebreaker has become one of the most popular on my site. Groups love it and I hope yours does too!

Icebreakers are a mainstay for most Women’s Ministry events.

Icebreakers can provide:

  1. A way for women to get to know each other quickly.
  2. An opportunity for women to chat freely.
  3. Lots of laughter!

Women’s Ministry Bingo is best suited for groups of 20 or more and is suitable for events/activities that allow for some movement.

It’s great for: an initial Bible study meeting, Coffee, Book club, Fellowship, Service activity, Mommy Group, Luncheon, Dinner, Annual Kick-off, etc.

Directions are included below and in the downloadable PDF file along with the Bingo card.

To download click: Women’s Ministry Bingo Game

Print off your copy and have fun with your group!

I’ve gotten several emails and just want to clarify that there is no need for you to email or ask for my permission. 🙂 Go ahead and print and use!

Women’s Ministry Bingo

Group size:  20 or more

Time needed:   10 minutes (1 row); 20 minutes (whole card) see notes below

Supplies needed:

One copy of the bingo card for each person

One pen per person

Small prize for winner


  1. Distribute cards and pens to everyone in attendance.
  2. Say: Today (tonight) we’re going to play a game of bingo with a twist! Your task for the next several minutes is to search the room for women who match the descriptions listed on your bingo card. When you find a match, ask them to put their signature in that box. Search carefully though, as you can only have each woman sign ONE box.  And search quickly as the first one to fill the entire card wins a prize. Let us know your card is full by shouting “Women!”  Grab your pens and you may start NOW!
  3. Optional wrap-up – Read through the descriptions on each square and have the women stand if it describes them.

Notes: If your group is smaller (40 – 20 women) have them collect 2 signatures per person. For a shorter game (and less mingling) have them just fill one straight row – down, across, or diagonal.

Looking for more icebreakers? You can find more icebreakers here and on my Pinterest board (be sure to follow me!).

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