Your guests will love these Christmas IF Icebreaker Questions! Free printable included.

Tired of the same old Christmas carol games?

Need a last minute Christmas Icebreaker?

Then this Christmas version of the “If” game is for you!

The Christmas version of the “If” game is a great icebreaker for your Women’s Ministry Christmas fellowship, small group Christmas party, Youth Christmas celebration, or Christmas office party.

Questions range from funny to serious.

If you could sing a Christmas duet with anyone, what song would you choose and with whom would you sing?

If you could have a Christmas miracle, what would you ask for?

If you had to describe yourself as a Christmas carol, which would you choose and why?

Just print the question cards out (link below) and you’ll be ready to go!

IF Icebreaker (Christmas Version)

Group size: 4-8 people per group


  • Printed game cards
  • Stocking or Christmas gift bag (optional)

Before the game:

Print and cut apart the game cards.


1. Say to the group, “Today/tonight you’re going to get to know the members of our group a little better as we all answer some fun Christmas “IF” questions. We’ll take turns drawing a card and answering questions such as: If you had to describe yourself as a Christmas carol, which would you choose and why? If you could eat any Christmas treat without it affecting your waistline, what would you enjoy?  Please go ahead a take a card from the bag/pile. Do we have a volunteer who would like to go first?”

2. Once everyone has answered a question you are done.


Consider putting one card at each person’s chair/space before your meeting/group/event begins. Most will appreciate having some time to think about their response (though you run the risk of missing out on spontaneous answers).

If time permits have everyone draw a second card.

Rather than drawing cards, ask everyone to answer the same question.


Print the cards on colored paper or cardstock so the questions can’t be seen.

You may want to laminate the cards for repeated use.

Give players the option to draw a second card if they are uncomfortable answering the first question they have drawn. Some questions may trigger difficult memories.

Click the link below to print the IF Question cards and game instructions:

IF Christmas Icebreaker Questions

If you are unable to view the PDF, please try switching browsers.

You may also want to check out the original version of the If Icebreaker Game.

May your Christmas celebration be a great success!

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