Modeled after the popular icebreaker “Who here?” this summer version allows your group to bond over favorite summer activities and foods.

“You’ve been stung by a jellyfish? How bad did it hurt?”

“I love to make homemade ice cream too! What flavor do you make?”

Summer Icebreaker: Who here?

Group size: 8 or more

Time needed: 10-15 minutes

Supplies: List of questions (below), microphone


Say: I’d love to know how you’re spending your summer! We’re going to play a quick game that will allow us to find out who has been enjoying some specific summer activities and food. If you can answer “yes” to the question I read you’ll need to stand up. If your answer to the question is “no” then stay seated. You can remain standing between questions if you’d like.

Read at least 15 of the questions below, giving everyone a chance to respond. Pause between questions to give participants a chance to see “who here” answered yes. Part of the fun (and purpose) is to discover new things about each other!


Those who have mobility issues can raise their hands.

If your group is primarily young and can move easily, you could use this activity to burn off extra energy by having them sit back down after each question is read.

Be sure to read through the questions and delete those that may not pertain to your audience. But don’t assume there are things on the list that no one in your group has done – you may just be surprised!


Who here…..

  1. Always paints their toenails in the summer?
  2. Lives in flip flops and/or sandals?
  3. Has been stung by a jellyfish?
  4. Has or will travel to the beach?
  5. Has made homemade ice cream?
  6. Is growing a garden?
  7. Has been on a picnic?
  8. Served/will serve in Vacation Bible school?
  9. Has gotten sunburned this year?
  10. Frequents yard sales?
  11. Has been involved in a water balloon fight?
  12. Grills frequently?
  13. Has seen _____________ (Insert current summer blockbuster movie)?
  14. Loves to eat watermelon?
  15. Has attended a summer concert?
  16. Has been/will go to an amusement park?
  17. Has gone on a hike?
  18. Has been kayaking or canoeing?
  19. Read a book just for fun?
  20. Has gone to a baseball game?
  21. Loves to eat corn on the cob?
  22. Has grabbed lunch or dinner from a food truck?
  23. Has played tennis?
  24. Knows how to swim?
  25. Has played miniature golf?
  26. Has purchased a treat from an ice cream truck?
To print out a free PDF file of the directions and questions to this icebreaker, click the link below.

Summer Icebreaker Who here

May your summer women’s ministry events be filled with fun and laughter!

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