The Icebreaker Game Paul or Princess is a fun way for your women to review their Bible study!

Today I’ve got a great icebreaker game idea you can adapt for the end of a Bible study, small group study, or retreat.

It was a big hit with our Bible study girls!

Some of you may be aware of my very strict no Bible games rule (you can read about it here).

This is the one small exception I make to this rule.

The purpose of the Icebreaker Game: Paul or Princess is to reinforce what’s been learned during the Bible study.

We don’t want to discourage or exclude those that may have been absent for part of the study or anyone who may have zoned out during one of the speaker’s sessions  – so we always, always play this game in teams.

Unlike almost every other game on my site, you’re going to need to do some prep work for this one.

Let me explain first how we used it and then how you can adapt it for your group.

We had just finished using the READ Bible Study for Groups to study Ephesians and Titus. I wanted to come up with a fun way to reinforce and remind our ladies of the verses we had just finished studying. When I saw an idea on Pinterest, I knew just what I needed to do!

I dug through the scriptures and pulled several verses from both Ephesians and Titus, purposefully choosing verses that a Disney Princess might say. I also trolled the internet looking for Disney princess quotes. There are websites dedicated to them – just do a quick Google search.

I took those lists and then made a worksheet with a total of 12 quotes and two columns so teams could check who said it – Paul or a Princess.

It was much harder than it sounds and our women enjoyed the challenge even more than I expected.

Here’s a small sample:

They are detestable, disobedient, and disqualified for any good work.

The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.

Can you tell who said them? Was it Paul or a Princess?

You’ll find the answers in the worksheet linked below.

Icebreaker Game: Paul or Princess

Purpose: To recall the scripture that was studied and to discern Truth.

Unless your group is studying both Titus and Ephesians, unfortunately, the worksheet that follows won’t work as written.

I’m sharing it though because the concept is one you can use for any book of the Bible. You could even use it for a book study or speaker sessions from a retreat (though your speaker would have to help you created it in advance).

How to make it work for you:

1. Select a character or group of characters to gather quotes from. I easily found mine on the internet. Consider: Mickey or Moses; Lucille (Ball) or Luke; Tigger or Timothy; Peanuts or Paul; Eeyore or Esther; Jetsons or Jeremiah; Amos or Andy Griffith; Popeye or Peter. You’ll want to choose a character that will be familiar to all of the generations represented in your study.

2. Select several Bible verses from the book you’ve studied. Make note of the chapter and verse.

3. Mix them up and create a worksheet for your women.

4. We had our women work in groups of 3. Each correct answer was 1 point.

5. We gave extra points to the groups for each book, chapter, princess, or movie they guessed correctly – but they could not use their Bible, phones, or the internet.

6. We completed this worksheet on our last meeting day after we had our group discussion on the READ Bible Study Reflections Worksheet.

To download the Paul or Princess worksheet, click the link below.

Paul or Princess Worksheet

I’ve also included the answer key – you may want to try it first without looking at the answers to get a feel for how tricky it is!

I had so much fun creating it and our women had so much fun playing it! It’s worth the work!

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