Fall Table Talk Cards (Free Printable)

Have you got a women’s ministry fall fellowship scheduled?

Maybe you’re looking for something to break the ice with your new Bible study group.

These Fall Table Talk Questions will help to build relationships and connections within your group(s) as they share stories, reminisce about favorite fall activities, and bond over their love for the same/different fall foods.

Not only are these 20 fall icebreaker questions ready for your to print out, but I’ve got 10 creative ideas as to how you might want to use them!

How to use Table Talk Cards:

1. Make your introductions interesting! As everyone introduces themselves to the group, ask them to share their answer to one of the questions. Common answers provide points of connection for group members.

2. Scatter them around the tables at your event – eating areas, around the buffet, dessert table, beverage station, or any place people will be gathering. Laminating the cards will keep them from becoming stained or soaked and unreadable.

3. Set them upright in a table number holder, binder clip, or in a miniature frame.

4. Place one at each place setting.

5. Put them in a plastic pumpkin (or other creative container) and have each person draw one to answer.

6. Choose 1 or more of the questions and have everyone in the group take turns sharing their answer.

7. Partner-up your attendees and have them share their answer to the question with one another. Especially great for those questions that lend themselves to a longer answer.

8. Print them out on sticker paper and attach one to each program or handout for your women to answer.

9. Have attendees anonymously write in their answer. Gather the responses, read them aloud, and have the group guess who wrote each answer. You could make multiple copies of the same question or you could give each group member a different question. Best for smaller groups that know each other well. This would be really fun to do as a Women’s Ministry Team!

10. Place them in your purse and break them out during a dinner out with your family, Sunday school class, or mom’s night out.

To print out the Fall Table Talk Cards click on the link below. The file is a PDF.

Fall table talk cards

If you need the questions, rather than the cards, just click the print icon at the bottom of the post.

20 Fall Icebreaker Questions

20 Fall Table Talk Questions

  1. What fall food do you most look forward to?
  2. Rake the leaves or jump in the leaves?
  3. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  4. What qualifies as the “perfect pumpkin?
  5. Share a favorite fall memory.
  6. It wouldn’t be fall without _____________.
  7. What’s your favorite fall smell?
  8. What’s your favorite fall activity?
  9. If you could attend any football game of your choosing, what team(s) would you want to watch?
  10. The thing I most dislike about fall is ____________.
  11. What is your favorite pumpkin-flavored treat?
  12. My favorite childhood Halloween costume was _______________.
  13. In the fall I love to go to ______________________.
  14. Tell us about your favorite Halloween candy or treat.
  15. Share a memory from a trip to a pumpkin farm or apple orchard.
  16. Fall means it’s time to get out _______________.
  17. Which fall TV show are you looking forward to?
  18. Share a special back-to-school memory?
  19. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
  20. What was your favorite subject in school?

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