Night at the Museum is an original icebreaker game your group will love! Free printable included.

The Icebreaker: Night at the Museum is a brand-new, original icebreaker game.

This spring I was asked to lead some icebreaker games during the welcome reception of a conference at which I would be speaking. 

It was an easy “Yes!”

Rather than just recycle or tweak one of the games from the site, I decided to create something new.

Many of the women in attendance would not know each other so I wanted to create a game that would allow them to uncover interesting information about each other.

I knew it had the potential to help the group quickly make connections and get beyond those initial awkward surface conversations, but even I was a bit surprised by how well it worked!

Icebreaker: Night at the Museum

Group size: 4-8 people per group, preferably seated at tables

Time needed: 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the whole group

Supplies: One worksheet and pencil/pen per group, handheld microphone (unless the room is small)


Say to the group: “Tonight, we’re going to skip the awkward introductions and play a game that’s going to allow you to discover unique and interesting information about everyone at your table. I’ve found that the things people collect and the items people treasure can tell you a lot about a person. For example, [insert a personal story about a unique or rare item that you or a friend owns and why it is special].

In just a moment, I’ll be asking each of you to share about a rare or unique treasure you own that might be museum-worthy – whether that’s the Smithsonian or Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum – in our game called Night at the Museum.

Each table will receive one worksheet to complete. You’ll find a list of categories to cover such as books, furniture, jewelry, collections, and family heirlooms. Your table does not have to fill in all of the blanks, BUT each person at the table must share one treasure with the group.

Once you’re done sharing, select a spokesperson to share two of the treasures with the entire group.

You’ll have about 8 minutes to complete your worksheet.”

After 8 or so minutes (walk through the room – encourage them and check on them) once all of the groups are done, get their attention.

Ask the spokesperson to say their name and the names of the people whose items they are sharing (it will help build connections).  Unless you’re in a small room, you’ll want to use a handheld microphone so everyone can hear what is shared.

Be sure to comment appropriately as the information is shared. (Confession: There was at least one thing shared that was creepy, and I said so! It was!)

Click the link below to download free printable worksheet

Night at the Museum Icebreaker Game


I was surprised by how competitive the game became! There were two things that several people in our group of about 100 ladies had in common – old Bibles and Christmas cacti. One woman had a Christmas cactus that was 75 years old! I had no idea this was a “thing!” Once the thread was +++discovered, I allowed groups to share more than there two things as they wanted to chime in and acknowledge how old the Bible or cactus in their group was too.

So there you have it! Another icebreaker game to add to your arsenal.

If your purpose is for your women to make connections, this is a game you’ll definitely want to use!

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