Christ-focused Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts can be a fun way to fellowship with the women in your Bible study, Small Group, Women’s Ministry Team, and church.

Seeking the Savior in the lights you seek keeps the focus on the reason for the season.

Click the link to download the free PDF of this Christ-focused  Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt .

You have permission to make copies for your church or personal event.

Note: Because much of the list is Christ-focused, you may find it a bit more challenging. Participants are required to note the street and house number of each item.


  • Putting a time limit on the hunt, but one that does not encourage speeding!
  • Releasing the teams gradually.
  • Continuing the fellowship and fun afterward with a hot chocolate bar and goodies.
  • Adding a bonus for the most unique décor found.
  • Rewarding the team that found the most items (rather than the first to return).
  • Distributing maps of the immediate area (with or without hints) – remember not everyone lives close by.
  • Hunting in a large drive-thru display.

May your group enjoy their search for Christmas in their community!

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