Icebreaker Who here? Is a quick, fun and easy icebreaker game to play!

My favorite icebreaker games give participants a chance to discover new things about each other.

The “Who here?” Icebreaker gives everyone a chance to bond instantly over shared likes/dislikes.

“You don’t like coffee, either?” “I know, it’s so bitter!”

“You play an instrument too? Which one?”

Icebreaker: Who here?

Group size: 8 or more

Time needed: 10-15 minutes

Supplies: List of questions (below), microphone


This works best if all group members have a chair or place to sit (i.e. in a pew). Participants will stand if their answer for the question is “yes”. If their answer for the question is “no” they stay seated. There is no need for everyone to sit back down between questions. Read the next question and give everyone a chance to respond. Pause between questions to give participants a chance to see “who here” answered yes. Part of the fun (and purpose) is to discover new things about each other!

Notes: If your group is primarily young and can move easily, you could use this activity to burn off extra energy by having them sit back down after each question is read. Be sure to read through the questions and delete those that may not pertain to your audience – youth leaders will want to make several adjustments.

To print out the directions and questions to this icebreaker, click the link below.

Who here Icebreaker


Who here…

Has a preschooler?


Slept more than 6 hours last night?

Knows how to sew?

Has a calendar on their fridge?

Doesn’t like coffee?

Ate cereal for breakfast?

Did a load of laundry today?

Works part-time?

Has children in High school?

Made their bed this morning?

Prefers a bath over a shower?

Has a coupon in their wallet or pocketbook?

Read a book in the last week?

Works full-time?

Knows how to play an instrument?

Was on a sports team in High school?

Is caring for an elderly parent?

Has been to a movie in the last month?

Prefers salty over sweets?

Knows all the words to America the Beautiful?

Will be taking a trip to the beach this summer?

Is a Grandma?

Likes to play board games?

Knows how to ice skate?

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