I LOVE Bingo Game (Free Printable)

After two years Women’s Ministry Bingo game continues to be one of my most viewed and most shared posts on this site.

I thought it was about time I create a new version and Valentine’s Day provided just the inspiration I needed!

There are so many things we “love”.




Flea markets.

I thought it would be fun to discover what the women in attendance at your event “love”.

Though perfect for your Valentine’s Fellowship, this game can be used any time of year.

“I LOVE” Bingo Game

Group size:  20 or more

Time needed:   10 minutes (1 row); 20 minutes (whole card) see notes below

Supplies need:

One copy of the bingo card for each person
One pen per person
Small prize for winner


  1. Distribute cards and pens to everyone in attendance.
  2. Say: We all have things we LOVE. Today/Tonight we’re uncover some of the things the other women in this room love. We’re going to play a game of bingo with a twist! Your task for the next several minutes is to search the room for women who LOVE the items and activities listed on your bingo card. When you find a match, ask them to put their signature in that box. Search carefully though, as you can only have each woman sign ONE box.  And search quickly as the first one to fill the entire card wins a prize. Let us know your card is full by shouting “I LOVE it!”  Grab your pens and you may start NOW!
  1. Optional wrap-up – Read through the items and activities listed on each square and have the women stand if it describes them.


If your group is smaller (40 – 20 women) have them collect 2 signatures per person.
For a shorter game (and less mingling) have them just fill one straight row – down, across, or diagonal.

Free Printable Bingo Game

To download the free printable game card and directions. Click the PDF link below.

I LOVE Bingo Game

I would love to hear if you try the game and if your women love it! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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