How well do you know your team or small group? Find out when you play the icebreaker "Would she rather?"

How well do you know the women on your women’s ministry team or in your small group?

Uncover just how well you know your team or group members with this brand-new, original icebreaker game, “Would she rather?”

Does Suan prefer to cook or clean?

Would Tonja rather drink coffee or tea?

Which would Donna prefer – chocolate or vanilla?

Is Barb a mall or online shopper?

To play this icebreaker game, you’ll need to print out a worksheet for every group or team member.

First, they’ll answer the questions about themselves; then, they’ll need to answer the questions for each group or team member. (You could write the names of each member on the sheet before making copies.)

If you’re feeling especially competitive, you could award one point for every correct answer with bragging rights or a small prize for the group member that was able to make the most accurate number of guesses.

Go around the table or circle and ask each woman to share their answers. Your group may discover new things about each other that will lead to more in-depth conversations later.

I’ve created two different versions, one is general, with just-for-fun type questions. The second focuses on spiritual questions.

Would she rather? General Questions

  1. Cook or Clean
  2. Drink Coffee or Tea
  3. Chocolate or Vanilla
  4. Beach or Mountain Vacation
  5. Breakfast for Dinner or Dinner for Breakfast
  6. Go to the Mall or Shop Online
  7. Go for a Run or Take a Bike Ride
  8. Stay up Late or Go to Bed Early
  9. Make a List or Wing It
  10. Watch a Comedy or Mystery

Would she rather? Spiritual Questions

  1. Lead a Bible Study or Lead a Prayer
  2. Hear Jesus’ Sermon or See Jesus’ Miracles
  3. Read the Bible in a Year or Memorize 30 Bible Verses
  4. Study the Bible by Topic or By Book
  5. Mary or Martha
  6. Old Testament or New Testament
  7. Contemporary or Traditional Worship Songs
  8. Serve Your Neighbor or Serve on the Mission Field
  9. Easter or Christmas
  10. Share Your Testimony or Invite a Friend to Church

Those spiritual questions could be intimidating to women who are new to the faith, so please save that worksheet for a group of more seasoned believers. We don’t want anyone to feel like they are failing in their spiritual walk!

You may also want to remind them which one is Martha (worker bee) and which is Mary (sitting at Jesus’ feet), in case they confuse the two as I did for years.

Some of your women are going to struggle to select just one answer, encourage them to do it anyway. Remind them that there are no wrong answers. We are just curious which they prefer if they had to choose one.

Remember, the purpose of icebreaker games is to grow relationships.

We’re inviting women to make connections by sharing information about themselves.

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