Why I Don't Do Bible Games

I opened up Pinterest recently and groaned when I saw the “Bible games” in my feed.

I know you’ve seen them – Bible Jeopardy, Bible Trivia, Match the Bible Couples, etc.

“Bible games” are great for people who know the Bible. Who’ve had a chance to finish every lesson and attend every small group session.

My problem is this –  “Bible games” make those we want to reach run in the opposite direction.

The very people we want to reach, that we want to attend our event, leave feeling like they:

  • Aren’t not enough
  • Have soooo much to learn
  • Can’t compete
  • Don’t fit in
  • That they’ll never catch up

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any woman at any event to leave feeling less than.

I want women to leave feeling loved, wanted, valued, and smart!

Please, please think twice before you play a “Bible game” at your next Women’s Ministry event, Sunday school class, or small group meeting.

Always expect visitors.

Assume there will be women in attendance that do not own a Bible

Assume there will be women in attendance that do not own a Bible. That won’t know that there is more than one Mary in the Bible. That won’t have a wealth of Bible trivia at their fingertips.

When God gives us the opportunity to love one another, let’s make sure we do just that.

As I step down off my soapbox, let me say there is a time and place for “Bible games”.

“Bible games” can be an effective way to reinforce what was just taught.

We played many of them with our Youth during Sunday school lessons, but we focused on the material from the lesson that we had just taught that day.

And if you want to gather for a friendly game of Bible Trivia with your friends, please do!

If you’re looking for a game or icebreaker to play with your group, I encourage you to check out my Icebreakers & Games page. You’ll find lots of visitor-friendly ideas there!

Your turn to share: What do you think? Do “Bible games” have a place at women’s ministry events?

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