Christmas Icebreaker Questions (Free Printable)

I love hearing about other people’s Christmas memories and traditions. We’re all celebrating the birth of our Savior, but in so many unique ways!

These Christmas Icebreaker Questions will spark some great Christmas-centered conversation among the women in your group.

Be sure to click the link to print off the list of questions – cut them up and you’re ready to go!

Christmas Icebreaker Questions

Group Size: 5+

Time Needed: Version 1 approx. 10 minutes; Version 2 approx. 20 minutes – depending on group size.

Supplies: Copy of Christmas Ice breaker questions cut apart; bag, stocking, or bowl to place questions in.

Instructions: Choose one version of the game below. Ask women to limit their answers to 60 seconds or less. Game ends when everyone has pulled a question OR once all questions have been pulled from the bag.

Version 1: (shorter, better for larger groups): Have each person in the group draw one question to answer aloud. Everyone answers a different question.

Version 2 (likely to take longer, best for smaller groups): Everyone answers the question that is pulled.

Notes: It’s nice to offer players a pass or chance to pull another question. You never know what might prompt a bad memory or make someone uncomfortable…

Free Printable: Christmas Ice breaker questions

May God bless your time of sharing with one another!

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