Left Right stories and games are always a hit, no matter the size or age of the group!

I created this original story for you to use at your next Christmas Women’s Ministry event.

You’ll meet Mama Wright and Suzie Wright who are running late for the big Christmas brunch at church.

With very little tweaking, it could be used for really any Women’s Ministry event, fellowship, Bible study, or Small group.

However you choose to use it – your women will laugh as they scramble to keep up with your emcee!

Christmas Left Right Game

Group size: 8 or more

Time needed: 15-20 minutes

Supplies: Printed copy of story, microphone, and wrapped gift(s)


If your group is not seated at tables or in a circle, you will want to have them stand and form a circle.

Randomly distribute the gifts around the circle or table(s). If each attendee has brought their own gift, they will start the game with their gift in their hands.

Say, “We have a story to share with you all today. When you hear the word “right” please pass the gift you are holding one person to the right. When you hear the word “left”, please pass the gift you are holding one person to the left. The person/people holding a gift at the end of the story is/are the winner(s).”

The Emcee, using a microphone, will read the story very slowly, emphasizing each “left” or “right” as noted in bold print.

Four Ways to Play:
  1. Purchase and wrap 1 small gift per table.
  2. Purchase and wrap 2 (or more) small gifts per table.
  3. Ask every attendee to bring a $5 gift (have extras on hand for any who may have forgotten).
  4. Purchase and wrap 1 small gift for every 8 women in attendance (approximately).
  • Select an Emcee prior to the event and supply them with a copy of the story.
  • Wrapping paper is not necessary, use small gift bags and tissue paper if that is easier.
  • Gifts could be handmade or homemade (bread, printed Bible verse in a frame, etc.).
  • This story has been created specifically for use at a Christmas event; however you could easily substitute “Women’s Ministry fellowship”, “Women’s Ministry Breakfast”, etc..
  • It’s always more fun to have lots of winners, rather than one or two big winners.
You can print out a free PDF version of this story by clicking the link below:

Christmas Left Right Game

The Christmas Left Right Story

An original story by Cyndee Ownbey

Mama WRIGHT and Suzie WRIGHT were running late for the big Christmas Brunch at church.

Mama WRIGHT had LEFT her favorite Christmas sweater at the dry cleaner and was having a tough time finding something else that looked just RIGHT for the Christmas brunch.

Suzie tried in vain to convince Mama WRIGHT that her red sweater looked alRIGHT, but Mama WRIGHT was not convinced. Blouses and sweaters were strewn LEFT and RIGHT all over the bedroom floor.

There was no way they’d be on time, even though the church was just RIGHT around the corner from their home. Suzie tried to keep calm, knowing they should have LEFT 10 minutes earlier.

Suzie begged Mama WRIGHT to hurry and pick something as there wouldn’t be any seats LEFT by the time they got to the church.

Mama WRIGHT, with no other options LEFT, put on her red sweater and LEFT the piles of clothes on her bed.

Suzie dashed out the door, got the car started RIGHT up, and waited for Mama WRIGHT outside.

As they began to back down the driveway Mama WRIGHT realized she had LEFT her famous gingerbread coffee cake sitting on the counter. Suzie, not wanting to waste any more time, jumped RIGHT out of the car and LEFT Mama WRIGHT sitting there stunned, as she ran (as best as she could in her boots) up the driveway and RIGHT back into the house to retrieve the coffee cake that had been LEFT behind.

With the coffee cake resting on Mama WRIGHT’s lap, Suzie kicked the car into reverse and headed RIGHT around the corner to the church.

Thankfully there was one parking spot LEFT near the kitchen door. Suzie parked the car, grabbed the cake, and passed it RIGHT into the waiting hands of the luncheon coordinator, Debbie. Debbie quickly and quietly ushered them RIGHT through the kitchen and toward two empty chairs on the LEFT side of the room as they were just about to pray.

Suzie sighed deeply and breathed a quiet, “Thank you Lord”, for she and Mama WRIGHT had made it to the luncheon at just the RIGHT time.

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