The Meet Your Match Icebreaker game uncovers common experiences and interests.

During a Women’s Ministry event, do you ever look around the room and notice a lack of conversation?

Are women stuck in the same groups of familiar faces?

“Meet Your Match” gently draws women out of their regular circle of friends by encouraging them to uncover matching experiences and interests with others in the room.

Think – instant conversation starters!

Game: Meet Your Match

Group size: 10+; great for really large groups.

Time needed: 15-20 minutes

Supplies: One “Meet Your Match” game board per person; pen/pencil per person.

Instructions: Explain to the group that the goal of this game is to uncover matching interests and experiences with others in the room.

Say, “On go, your task will be to seek out matches for each category listed on your game board. Your match must sign your game card and write the matching answer. For example, if you both enjoy strawberry ice cream, have them sign and write strawberry in that box. You may have several matches with just one person; however you may only collect 2 signatures before you must move on and find a new match. Fill as many squares on your board as you can before time is called.”

When you feel most people have finished call the game to an end.

If time allows you could ask a few people to share one of their matches.

Winner: There is no “winner” or prizes handed out for this game.

Notes: Ideally, everyone is a winner because they’ve made a new connection. There is no set time limit or stopping when the first one is finished because you want everyone to connect as much as possible. Encourage them to make as many unique matches as possible. You could even ask if anyone has 8 unique matches. If time allows, have a few people share one of their matches and ask others with the same answer to stand up too – revealing more common connections with those in the room.

Free printable PDF (clink link to open):

meet your match game board version 1

meet your match gameboard version 2

Free Printables for Meet Your Match Icebreaker

May God reveal new connections amongst your women!

Please let us know if you play it and how it goes!

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