Marooned Icebreaker includes detailed instructions

Icebreakers are a Women’s Ministry Leader’s best friend.

Want to get the entire group talking? Do an icebreaker!

Want visitors to connect quickly? Do an icebreaker!

Want to inject a little fun into your event? Do an icebreaker!

We almost always, with rare exception, plan an icebreaker for every Women’s Ministry event and fellowship.

This one’s a keeper! Be sure to use the print button to make a copy.

Icebreaker: Marooned

Group size: 8+; divided into groups of 4-6.

Time needed: 15 minutes

Supplies: Piece of paper and pen for each group


Decide in advance how you to want to divide your ladies into groups. (See Creative Uses for Name Tags for ideas.) I’ve found it’s best to give the directions first and then let them gather into groups as it’s hard to get their attention back.

Say “Ladies, imagine that you and your group members have been marooned on an island. Your group needs to decide AND agree upon 5 items that you would have brought with if you knew there was a chance that you might be stranded. You’ll have 5 minutes to decide what your team’s 5 items will be. Please record them on the paper provided. At the end of the 5 minutes we’ll share our answers.”

Notes: Feel free to increase the number of items to 6 or 7 if time allows. Most groups will use one spot for their Bible – you could request their list be in addition to a Bible. Make it clear that they must all agree on an item before it goes on the list – debating is part of the fun!

Our group had a lot of fun with this one! It was interesting to hear them debating about whether or not to bring a cellphone – one commented that they probably wouldn’t get a signal and another pointed out that a cord to recharge it would be useless.

The most memorable response so far: a cabana boy! LOL

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