Icebreaker A Day in the Life

How we spend our day says a lot about who we are.

While we may not be able to spend the day with every member of our women’s ministry team, small group, or Bible study, we can use this game to get a glimpse of what a typical day in their life looks like.

As answers are shared you’ll uncover new information about the people in your group.

Chances are you’ll discover a shared favorite restaurant or TV show.

You may realize Susie also drinks a green smoothie for breakfast every morning. In the parking lot after the meeting you swap and share smoothie recipes.

Truth is relationships deepen when we share our lives with one another.

I created  “A Day in the Life” to encourage deeper relationships among your team and group members.

Free Printable Icebreaker Game A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life Icebreaker Game

Group size:  5 or more (small group and large group variations listed below)

Time needed:   10 – 15 minutes small group; 20 minutes large group version

Supplies need:

One copy of the “A Day in the Life” card per person
One pen/pencil per person
Envelope or bag to place cards in (optional)


Print out copies of “A Day in the Life”. There are 4 cards per sheet.

Click the link below to download the free PDF file.

A Day in the Life Icebreaker Game

Distribute “A Day in the Life” cards to each group member. Tell them you’d like to know about a typical day in their life. Allow them 3-4 minutes to complete the card. Let them know their answers may be read out loud. (That should keep folks from writing anything they don’t want shared publicly.)

Option 1 (Recommended): Collect the cards (shuffle them, place in a manila envelope or bag). Randomly pull each card and read the answers. Give the group the opportunity to guess whose day is being described.

Option 2: Have each group member read their answers out loud to the group. This option is best for groups that do not know each other well or at all. This is also a great option if time is short!

Option 3: (Large Group option): Collect the cards (shuffle them, place them in a manila envelope or bag). Have each person pull a card from the bag/stack/envelope. If they get their own card they need to put it back and draw a new one. Tell them not to show the card to anyone yet. Once everyone has a card instruct them to roam the room, asking questions to find the person whose card they hold. Once they’ve located their card own instruct them to introduce themselves and return to their seat. Note: The larger the group, the longer this version of the game will take.


Your group leader/team leader may want to note the name on each card and keep them for future reference – perhaps to buy a specific gift card for that person. You could also use these cards for Secret Sister assignments. Have each person put their name on the card, but do not play the game. Just have them pull a card to find out who their Secret Sister will be.

I hope your group enjoys the opportunity to glimpse inside each other’s day!

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