Pass the Package Christmas Game
This Pass the Package Christmas Game is great for groups of all sizes. 

Guests have to complete activities as they unwrap layers of paper in search of the prize.

Did your parents ever give you a really small gift for Christmas wrapped inside multiple bigger boxes? Just as you thought you were able to open your gift you hit another layer of wrapping paper.

The same idea applies here – your guests will never know when the wrapping paper ends and the gift begins!

You are going to need lots of wrapping paper and an assortment of boxes to pull this off! Use up those remnants in your closet or grab some rolls at the Dollar Store.

Pass the Package Christmas Game

Group size: 6- 20 (divide into multiple groups if needed)

Time needed: About 20 minutes

Supplies: Christmas music; sound system; gift(s) pre-wrapped with multiple layers and inside multiple boxes – one per group or table; activity cards for each layer of wrapping paper (see free printable cards below); trash can.


1. Before the event gather your gift(s), boxes, and wrapping paper – 1 per table or group depending on the size. Wrap the gift. Tape the printable card that lets them know they can open the gift on top of that layer of wrapping paper. Now take your wrapped gift and place it in a slightly larger box and gift wrap that box.  Place an activity card on the outside of the wrapping paper (IE. Sing a line from a Christmas carol). Add another layer of wrapping paper, topped with another activity card. Add another box when you can. You should have layers of wrapping paper with an activity card on the top of each. I recommend at least 6 layers of paper, but no more than 10. There should not be an activity card on the outside layer. Repeat with additional gifts if needed.

2. At the event, assemble women into groups as needed. Distribute 1 wrapped gift per circle/group/table. Let them know that as the music starts they need to pass the gift around the table/circle and when the music stops to remove one layer of wrapping paper. Start the music, pausing for unwrapping and instructions to be followed. Continue until the gift has been completely unwrapped.


Use different colors/patterns of wrapping paper so it’s easy to distinguish where a layer begins and starts. Have your camera ready to catch the fun!

Free Printable  Activity Cards – Click to open the PDF files.

christmas pass the package game cards

May God bless your Christmas festivities with lots of laughter and fun!

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