Top 10 Lists is a great icebreaker game for groups!

I’m all about icebreaker games that encourage working together in small groups.

This is one of those games!

While this game could be done in one small group, multiple small groups will make it a bit more interesting and a lot more fun!

Each group must come up with a top 10 list.

You choose the topic. Every group will independently create their group’s own Top 10 List. If you’re short on time, have them create a Top 5 List instead.

Once the groups have completed their lists, ask one person from each team to read their list out loud to the group.

It will be interesting to see what is unique to each group and what things they have in common!

You’ll find detailed instructions below including a free printable worksheet on which they can write their Top 10 or Top 5 Lists.

Icebreaker: Top 10 List

Group size: 4-6 people per group

Time needed: 15 minutes for the Top 5 version, 20 – 25 minutes for the Top 10 version

Supplies: one worksheet and pencil/pen per group


Before your event, decide which topic will be the focus of their top 10 or top 5 lists. Choose intentionally. Perhaps you want it to coincide with your topic for the night or you want groups to bond over their favorite coffee shops. Maybe you want to create a list of places where your women could serve.

Create groups of 4-6 people, ideally forming new groups for the game. An easy way to do this is to have 2-3 people from each table move one table over. This breaks up those dreaded cliques a bit.

Give each group a worksheet (see the red link down below) for recording their list and let them know how much time they have to complete the task. Encourage them to vote if they reach an impasse. Ask them to select one person from their group to share their list with everyone once their time is up.

If groups didn’t have a chance to finish, ask them to share what they did get done. (It’s about bonding, not about finishing the task.)

Notes: I encourage you not to get overly spiritual. Remember, not everyone in the room has the same background as you do. Assume you have women in the room who have very little Bible knowledge and/or church experience. (You can read about why I don’t do Bible games here.) We don’t want to embarrass anyone either so heed the Holy Spirit as you select your topic. Also, keep in mind that not everyone in the room is likely married or has children (unless you’re using this for a mom’s group and even some of them may be separated or divorced). We also don’t want these lists to become a guilt-trip.  Focus on the positive things we can bond over!

Click the link below for complete instructions, list ideas, and free printable Top 10 and Top 5 worksheets for your group.

Icebreaker Game Directions Top 10 Lists

Here’s a partial list of the Top 10 List ideas you’ll find in the free PDF file above.

Top 10 List ideas:
  1. Best desserts
  2. Vacation Destinations
  3. Chores We Love to Hate
  4. Best Disney Movies
  5. Board Games to Play
  6. Easy Dinner Ideas
  7. Favorite Blogs/Websites/Podcasts
  8. Places to Grab Lunch in Your Town
  9. Tourist Destinations in Our State (or within an hour’s drive)
  10. Ways to Encourage Other Women

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