I recently returned from a women’s ministry retreat with another church. This icebreaker is one that was shared during our time together.

Take Flight Icebreaker

Admittedly, it’s one I would have over-looked if I had seen it online.

I would have thought it was going to be lame. With a capital L.

It wasn’t!!

We had a group of about 40 women and this was a great way for us to quickly find out something unique about one another.

Our chocolate-lovers instantly bonded. Our moms of teenagers shared in their dislike of bad attitudes. I discovered I wasn’t the only one who dislikes coffee!

If you’re skeptical, like I was, I urge you to give it a try and see if your group doesn’t bond.

Use the printer button at the bottom of the post to print out the instructions.

Take Flight Icebreaker

Group size: 10 or more (but probably not more than 60)

Time needed: 20 minutes

Supplies: Blank piece of paper and pen/pencil for each person OR use the Take Flight Icebreaker worksheet below

Instructions: Distribute a piece of paper and writing utensil to each person. Ask them to write:

  1. Their first and last name at the top of the paper.
  2. One thing they like and one thing they dislike. “I like _______.” “I dislike _____.”

Or print out this one: Take Flight Icebreaker worksheet

Once everyone has finished writing have them take their paper and fold it into a paper airplane. (Ignore any grumblings.) Once everyone is ready, let them know they’ll have 30 seconds to fly the airplanes around the room. They do not need to follow their airplane, but just pick up any plane that has landed nearby and let it take flight. Launching and re-launching airplanes until time runs out.

At the end of the 30 seconds (or more) have each person pick up the closest airplane and return to their seat. One at a time, have each person stand up,  unfold, and read what was written on the plane they are holding. As each person’s name is called have them stand as their response is read. The person whose plane was read  then reads the plane they picked up and so on until everyone’s plane has been read.

Notes: This is a great icebreaker to use to get your group up and moving (though even those with limited mobility can participate). Resist the urge to comment on every sheet that is read. Chances are your group will comment anyway – that is part of the fun! (How can you not like chocolate?!) This is a great icebreaker to pull out spur of the moment since you need so few supplies. If using this with Youth, consider giving them time to decorate their airplanes (5 minutes with some markers).

Have fun!

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