Icebreaker Game: What's on ur phone?

Back in the day there was an icebreaker game called “What’s in your purse?” It was a fun game but it no longer works at most women’s ministry events.

Have you noticed? A lot of your women aren’t carrying purses anymore.

Now that phone cases can hold credit cards many women have left their pocketbooks at home.

Times are a changin’ and we’ve got to adapt!

That’s why I’ve created the “What’s on ur phone?” icebreaker game. (Side note: For those who may not use a lot of texting shortcuts, “ur” is text-speak for “your”.)

Now I know, not all of your women have a smart phone. That’s okay! This game can also be played in teams of two or more. In teams of two, one can record while the other searches their phone.

This game is bound to bring about some laughter and amazement as women scramble to locate what’s on their phones.

Note: If your location has spotty internet service or wifi issues – no worries – they won’t be searching online for this game.

Game: What’s on ur phone?

Group size: 6+

Time needed: 10-20 minutes

Supplies: One “What’s on ur phone?” sheet per person or per team; pencils/pens; one personal smart phone per person or team (see notes).

Instructions: Print out copies of “What’s on ur phone?”

What’s on ur phone? (Click to open free PDF file)

Tell your group that you’ll be going “high tech’ with today’s game. Each person/team will have to quickly search their smart phone for a wide variety of photos. Apps, texts, and more. For each item that fits the category listed you’ll get one point. The person/team with the most points will be crowned the winner(s). Distribute the worksheet face-down. Give the group the time limit (somewhere between 5-10 minutes depending on your schedule). On “go” give everyone 5-10 minutes to record their points.

Winner: When time is up have everyone tally up their points and give the winner(s) a small prize or let them choose something from your Door Prize Basket.

Notes: Before playing you’ll need to figure out if everyone in your group has a smart phone. If not, then you’ll need to play this game in teams. For smaller groups you could play in teams of 2. For larger groups, have them work together in groups of 4 or less.

You want them to rush – some will be savvy and will look over the worksheet realizing that the time given will not be enough time to complete it all. You can clue them in that they may want to look over the sheet and be strategic about which items they search for first.

This is a great game to play when you want to engage multiple generations. Many of your older women may not have a smart phone and will want to partner with the younger and more tech-savvy women in the room.

Let me know if your group plays this game – I’d love to hear how it goes!

May God bless your time together and fill it with much laughter and fun!

Be sure to stop back by next week – I’ll have a special Christmas version of “What’s on ur phone?” for your group to play.

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