Are you looking for the best small group icebreaker games? Be sure to check out this list!

With so many great icebreaker games on the site, leaders often ask which are the best small group icebreaker games.

While I try to include directions for small and large groups, team leaders, small group leaders, and Bible study leaders often need an icebreaker that’s tailored to a smaller group size.

If you’re looking for an icebreaker game for a small group of 6-12 people, you’ll want to bookmark this post!

As you select your small group icebreaker game, take into consideration whether or not this group knows each other well. For example, if there’s a new face in the group, you won’t want the group guessing which person wrote which answer as they’ll be at a distinct disadvantage.

If your group is tight-knit, you might think there’s no need for an icebreaker game. I beg to differ! Icebreaker games can encourage women to share random information that you might not otherwise discover. Plus, some of your group members need that little bit of conversation warm-up before you dig into deeper or more serious conversations.

General Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

31 Great Icebreaker Questions for Introductions
A Day in the Life
A Few of My Favorite Things
Icebreaker IF (Christian Questions)
Movie Night Icebreaker Questions
Roll & Poll
The Great Candy Pass
Top 10 Lists
What’s on UR phone?

Holiday and Seasonal Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

Valentine’s Day

Great Valentine Candy Pass
If Valentine Questions
Valentine Icebreaker Questions


Spring & Easter Table Talk Cards
Mother’s Day Left Right Story


Summer Table Talk Cards
Summer Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions


Fall Table Talk Cards


Christmas Icebreaker Questions
Christmas Left Right Game
Christmas Pass the Package Game
Christmas Roll & Poll
Christmas Table Talk Cards
Great Christmas Candy Pass
If Christmas Questions
Nativity Left Right Story
What’s on UR phone? (Christmas version)
Would you rather? Christmas Questions

Icebreakers can help spur deeper connections and build relationships.

I pray your group will find these icebreaker games beneficial!

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