Check out these tips and resources for creating a great women's ministry newsletter. Make sure every woman knows what's coming up and what they've missed!

Are you looking for a way to share women’s ministry news with every woman in your church?

Newsletters provide a way to share information and increase excitement about upcoming women’s ministry events.

If your team has been rethinking your women’s ministry, you may have been tempted to discard newsletters as no longer relevant. Please don’t!

Despite the advent of social media, women’s ministry newsletters are still an essential tool for regularly connecting with your women.

While it used to be that we’d mail each woman a newsletter and place extra copies in the women’s bathroom, nowadays, most women’s ministry teams send out their newsletters via email. (If you need some help setting up an email list for your women’s ministry, check out this post.)

What are some of the benefits of a women’s ministry newsletter?

  • Newsletters can reach every woman in your church. While not every woman may be on social media, almost every woman in your church has an email address.
  • Newsletters provide a way for your team to communicate important information on upcoming events. Women need lots of reminders.
  • When sent out regularly, women begin to expect and look for your newsletter in their inbox.
  • Welcoming team members can include the latest newsletter when contacting guests.
  • Newsletters provide more space to communicate information than an email or a social media post.
  • Newsletters can reinforce your theme or Scripture verse focus for the year.
  • Newsletters provide an opportunity for women with the gift of writing to serve in your women’s ministry.
  • Newsletters can provide a reader-friendly format. Women are more likely to read through a newsletter than a lengthy email.

How often should you send out your newsletter?

I would suggest your team send out a newsletter at least quarterly.

If your team has the bandwidth and the need, a newsletter every other month or monthly may be better for your women.

What should you include in your newsletter?

While there are many things you could include, here are some things you may want to include in every issue.

  1. The message of salvation – women need to know how they can enter into a relationship with our Savior. Your pastor should be able to point you to some resources if you need specific wording assistance.
  2. Contact information for your Women’s Ministry including links to social media accounts and an email address.
  3. A list of your team members with roles noted.
  4. Calendar of upcoming events so they can save the date.
  5. Past event summary – let them know what they’ve been missing!
  6. Mission needs – any donation collections or service opportunities.
  7. Detailed upcoming event information.

You may also want to include:

  1. A letter or devotional from you or one of your team members
  2. Encouraging verse
  3. Theme and verse for the year
  4. Recipe from a recent event

Please be sure you receive permission from the author to reprint anything you’ve found online or in a book. Be sure you give credit too.

What should you use to create your newsletter?

The answer depends on your distribution method.

If you are using an email service like Mailchimp or Flodesk (affiliate link), you can create beautiful templates that can be re-used each month. The great thing about this option is that your newsletter will be mobile-friendly – women will easily be able to see and read it on their phone.

If you are only able to send out emails and attachments to the women in your church, you’ll want to design a newsletter template.

Canva is an excellent source for newsletter inspiration. Check out the newsletter templates on Canva here. You’ll need to save it as a PDF and send it out to your email list.

You may have a graphic designer in your church that could create a template for your team to use as well.

Newsletters are worth the work to keep your women informed and looking forward to the next women’s ministry event.

What other tips do you have for creating a women’s ministry newsletter?

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