Answers to your most frequently asked women's ministry questions.

I love getting your women’s ministry questions in the Facebook Group and via email. 

Not surprisingly, a lot of the same questions come up over and over again.

So you don’t have to waste time searching for answers, I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked women’s ministry questions here.

Questions are grouped by category in hopes you’ll quickly find the answers to your questions.

Question categories:

  1. Attendance
  2. Bible Study
  3. Discipleship/Mentoring
  4. Events
  5. New Leaders
  6. Women’s Ministry Teams
  7. Women’s Ministry Toolbox Website

If you don’t find an answer to your question below or on the website (be sure to search), feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help!

Attendance Questions

We are struggling to get women to show up at our women’s ministry events and activities. Is there anything we can do to encourage women to come?

You’re not alone. Many leaders struggle with this same thing. This post, How to Get Women to Show Up, digs deep into the practical reasons women aren’t showing up and this post, Why Women Aren’t Coming to Your Women’s Ministry Events, looks at the spiritual reasons why women aren’t coming. Both offer ideas and tips that may be helpful in your situation.

How do we get older/younger women involved?

A healthy women’s ministry engages women of all generations and it can happen – we just need to be intentional. These posts (How to Engage Multiple Generations, 10 Things You Can Do To Reach Younger Women in Your Church and Community, 4 Keys to Meeting the Needs of the Next Generation) offer some great advice on how to reach those age groups that might be missing from your events and activities.

Bible Study Questions

Our Bible study attendance always seems to plummet half-way through, is there anything we can do to stop the exodus?

While this problem is common, there are many things you can do to encourage women’s attendance. Check out this post, Tips to Increase Your Bible Study Attendance, as well as consider taking the Bible Study Facilitator Online Training Course.

How do you find volunteers for childcare?                                                             

Also a common problem, this post, Childcare Solutions for Women’s Ministry , has many helpful tips and ideas.

What are your favorite Bible study tools?

I love to study God’s Word and I pulled together a list of My Favorite Bible Study Resources and also linked to them in my Amazon store. I use the READ Bible study workbook in my daily quiet time and it’s helped keep me accountable and provided the depth I was previously lacking.

I’m in need of some Bible study suggestions for our group. How do you go about deciding what to offer?

While there are so many options, I strongly recommend the Bible. Check out this post on Teaching Women to READ the Bible. It will be life-changing for your women!

I’ve also sat on a Bible Study Review Team and share how that worked in this post, How to Set Up and Facilitate a Bible Study Review Team.

I put together a list of questions to ask and answer to help you select the best study for your group which you can find in the online course “How to Select a Bible Study”.

And if a list of recommended Bible study books is what you’re looking for, check out those that I have reviewed in the post, Tips & Tools for Bible Study and Small Group Facilitators.

Our women rarely volunteer to pray out loud. Do you have any suggestions on how to make them more comfortable with prayer?

Yes! I’ve faced this battle, too, at other churches I’ve attended. For ideas and resources, check out How to Pray Boldly and Confidently and the Prayer Warrior Boot Camp Kit for Groups.

I’ve written a Bible study. If I send you a copy will you review it and mention it on your site?

While I wish I had the time and space to read and review more resources, I have to be very selective with my time. You can find information about sponsored posts and partnerships here.

Discipleship/Mentoring Questions

We’re thinking about starting a mentoring program in our church? What resources do you suggest?

There are many great mentoring resources out there. I first suggest you decide what kind of mentoring program do you want. Is it going to be structured or organic? Select several resources to review based on the direction you feel the Lord is leading you to take.

You may also want to take a look at these posts: 6 Ways Mentoring Brings the Generations TogetherA Fresh (and much needed) Approach to Mentoring, Watch Out for These Mentoring Pitfalls!Why Women are Running from Mentoring and Changing False Assumptions Women Make About Mentoring

What book(s) do you recommend our mentee and mentor (or discipleship groups) use during their time together?

There’s no better book than the Bible. Consider purchasing the READ Bible Study so your women can use the workbook and weekly worksheets as they study a book of the Bible of their choosing.  Encouraging your women to walk through the Word together is powerful!

Event Questions

How do you find a speaker?

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the most effective. We have created a speaker database for members of the free Facebook group (Women’s Ministry Toolbox Community). You’ll also find lots of practical tips in the posts Speaker Search and How to Find a Speaker.

How do we create a more Word-focused ministry? In the past, we’ve been very focused on events and fellowship.

Offering regular, weekly Bible studies is key. Ask the Lord to give you a verse or scripture passage to focus on for the year (info on how to do that can be found here) and plan your events and activities around that theme. Share the verse or passage with your women and encourage them to memorize it. Find a way to incorporate God’s Word into everything you do.

Do we really need to offer food at every event?

While there may be an expectation that food will always be served, it’s really not necessary. Just be clear in your publicity so women know what to expect. Many women have allergy and diet restrictions, and focusing on food can actually discourage their attendance.

I have found coffee, though is always appreciated, especially at Bible study. For ideas on creating a great coffee station check out this post.

What are the key components we should include in a women’s ministry event or meeting?

Even events that are more fellowship in nature should include prayer, the Word of God, and a short testimony, teaching, or sharing. Always give women the opportunity to connect through purposeful icebreaker games and small group discussion time.

Our purpose should always be to point women to Christ and encourage spiritual growth. Consider reading the post But did you tell them about Me?

Be sure to also check out the posts: What should we include in our women’s ministry meetings? and Why We Need to Offer Different Types of Women’s Ministry Meetings.

I’m looking for theme ideas for our upcoming women’s ministry event. Where’s a list of themes I can look at?

God knows what the specific women in your specific church and community need most. Before you “Google,” go to God. Check out the posts Women’s Ministry Themes and The Best Women’s Ministry Theme Ever. 

I need a devotional for our upcoming event. Where can I find one?

God’s given the women in your church some wonderful stories to share. Rather than reading a story about a woman your women have never met in person, prayerfully ask the Lord to lead you to a woman in your church who has a story that connects to the theme for your event. Check out the posts The Best Devotional You Can Share and How to Share the Best Devotional Ever.

I’ve never planned a retreat before. Can you help?

You’ll find piles of posts on the website that will help you plan all aspects of a retreat, just put “retreat” in the search box. If you’d like to read through all of the posts at once, consider purchasing EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Planning a Retreat.  

New Leader Questions

I’m a new leader, where should I start?

Start by building relationships with your team members. For topical information, check out this page for new leaders which lists posts by categories. Select posts in areas where you feel you need the most assistance.

We’re starting (or re-starting) a women’s ministry team, help!

Hop right on over to How to Start (or Rebuild) a Women’s Ministry. This post will walk you through the steps I recommend you take.

Women’s Ministry Team Questions

What can I do to motivate the rest of my team to step up?

If you don’t have roles and responsibilities, I strongly recommend that you delegate according to your team members gifts and establish a division of responsibilities. You can find a list of possible team roles here and here.

Casting a vision and creating a women’s ministry mission statement can also be helpful.

Sometimes, honestly, it’s as simple as letting go of control. Your women may be waiting for you to hand off a project… Pray and ask the Lord what’s needed in your specific situation.

I need to expand our team. What’s the best way to ask women to serve with me?

I’ve learned the hard way not to fill a team with friends, but to seek who the Lord is calling to serve. This post, How to Recruit Women’s Ministry Team Members, will help you to walk through prayerfully recruiting women to your team in the Lord’s timing.

Is a meeting agenda really that important?

Yes! A meeting agenda that keeps your team focused and on task. Check out The Importance of an Agenda and 10 Agenda Tips.

What do you do if you don’t have a budget?

My first question is “have you asked for one?” If not, create a list (there is a budget planning form in the Women’s Ministry Binder Essentials E-book) and ask to meet with a Pastor. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking.

If there is no money available (for whatever reason), you may need to charge a small fee at events or take up a love offering. Speak with the staff to find out what is allowed at your church. Be sure to check out Budgeting for an Event, Is your budget realistic?, and 12 Creative Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Women’s Ministry Event.

How do you come up with a mission statement for your ministry?

Check out this post on How to Create a Women’s Ministry Mission Statement.

How do we create a women’s ministry team covenant?

You’ll find two free examples of women’s ministry team covenants in the sample copy of the Women’s Ministry Binder Essentials.

Women’s Ministry Toolbox Website Questions

How did the website get started?

God took my frustrated search for free online women’s ministry resources and flipped it on its head by calling me to be a part of the solution. You can read about my women’s ministry journey in detail here.

Why isn’t everything on the site free?

Most things on the site are free, including over 400 posts which include free forms, free printable icebreaker games, and more. It costs hundreds of dollars each month to maintain and host this website. Offering some resources at a small cost allows me to be a good steward of our household finances.

Why are there ads on the site?

Hosting some ads on the site provides the additional income needed to keep the site up and running. If you come across an ad that you know does not align with the beliefs of Women’s Ministry Toolbox, please report the ad (look for the button near the ad). While I have tried to eliminate any ad categories that might be an issue, but it’s not foolproof.

Who serves on the Women’s Ministry Toolbox team?

Except for the women’s ministry leader retreats, Women’s Ministry Toolbox is a solo effort. I (Cyndee) spend approximately 30 hours a week (often more) serving the Women’s Ministry Toolbox community.

I’m looking for “fill-in-the-blank”. How do I find it?

There is a search function built into the website. Try that first. If you’re stuck, reach out to me and I’ll be glad to help (cyndeeATwomensministrytoolboxDOTcom).

How can I get all of the posts delivered to my email box?

I’d love for you to join my email list. You’ll get posts delivered to your email box weekly, as well as a monthly newsletter. Please fill out the form here to be added to the list.

What other questions do you have about women’s ministry or the website? Please feel free to add them to the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer or address them.