Women's Ministry Job Descriptions Part 1

Our “How to Build a Women’s Ministry Team” mini-series continues today with a look at Women’s Ministry Team job descriptions.

In my last post “What positions do you need to fill on your team?” I gave you a whopping 18 examples of possible positions for your team.


I do not expect God to ask you to fill all 18.  Please ask Him where your holes are and where He wants you to expand your team. Your Pastor will have some good suggestions too!

After typing more than 5 pages of notes I realized this was going to have to be shared in pieces. I’m breaking this list into two parts. And they are still going to be lengthy. Sorry!

If you want to print these out, there’s a printer icon at the bottom of each post. Let’s get to it!

Written job descriptions are critical:

  • They help keep women from stepping on each other’s toes.
  • They set clear expectations.
  • They are invaluable when it comes to asking women to serve in that particular role.

Please take the following job descriptions and tweak, edit, and add to them to make them your own. You know what you need for your team.

Consider these descriptions as a starting point.

Women’s Ministry Director/Leader

  • Meets regularly with Pastor overseeing the Women’s Ministry.
  • Encourages other team members in their responsibilities, delegating appropriately, and assisting when needed.
  • Leads Women’s Ministry Leadership Team meetings, preparing an agenda that encourages the contribution of every Team member.
  • Identifies training needs for Leadership Team members and finds opportunities to meet these needs.
  • Contacts Women’s Ministry Team members as needed, and at a minimum on a monthly basis.
  • When Team positions are unfilled, perform duties of that position when necessary.
  • Prays regularly for her position, Women’s Ministry Team, and the women of the church and community.
  • Meets with successor to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Other duties as needed.


  • Works with Women’s Ministry Leader to create a budget for the Women’s Ministry based on known costs, anticipated expenditures, and expected income. (Adoption of the budget is by the entire Leadership Team.)
  • Reports at each Women’s Ministry Team meeting the financial status, identifying shortages and surplus as appropriate.
  • Completes necessary paperwork in accordance with church policies.
  • Tracks registrations for events.
  • Assists in the distribution of scholarships for women in the group who cannot afford to attend events, ensuring confidentiality for any woman in need.
  • Attends to misc. financial matters as needed, including payments to speakers, reimbursement of registration funds, and payments for childcare workers.
  • Serves on the Leadership Team and attends meetings.


  • Records discussions, decisions, and information shared during Leadership Team meetings.
  • Complies notes in an organized format.
  • Maintains records of each meeting.
  • Distributes minutes from Leadership meetings to all team members in a timely manner.
  • Serves on the Leadership Team and attends meetings.

Music & Worship Coordinator

  • Selects music and worship activities that complement the women’s ministry event.
  • Coordinates the music selections with the event planner.
  • Recruits singers and musicians for events.
  • Provides lyrics and soundtracks for music as needed.
  • Creates Power Point slides for lyrics.
  • Schedules worship practices prior to events.
  • Serves on the Leadership Team and attends meetings.

Publicity Coordinator

  • Creatively publicizes Women’s Ministry events in the church and community.
  • Works with other Leadership team members to create event-specific publicity including registration forms, emails, Facebook postings, Sunday bulletin announcements, bulletin board displays, brochures, press releases, and other signage.
  • Creates and distributes newsletter on a regular basis.
  • Coordinates promotional displays and publicity releases with the church staff.
  • Seeks necessary approval on all publicity items per church guidelines.
  • Regularly updates the Women’s Ministry page on the church website.
  • Serves on the Leadership Team and attends meetings.

Bible Study Coordinator

  • Recruits, trains, and encourages the Bible Study Leaders.
  • Maintains regular contact with all Bible Study Leaders, coaching them through situations as they arise.
  • Reviews and purchases Bible Study materials.
  • Creates a schedule of Bible study classes.
  • Works with Publicity Coordinator to publicize Bible study offerings.
  • Serves on the Leadership Team and attends meetings.

I’ll share the other 12 with you next week. Be sure to subscribe to my posts so you don’t miss it!

Your turn to share: What other responsibilities would you add to these job descriptions?

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