The Importance of an Agenda

I’m curious, how many of you send out an agenda prior to your women’s ministry team meetings?

I know it’s one more item to add to your to-do list… and it might seem unnecessary.

But having sat in meetings with and without agendas, I believe agendas directly impact the success of our meetings.

Let’s talk through a few reasons why agendas are important.


1. Give your team time to prepare and pray over agenda items. No one likes to be surprised. Some of your women may need some time to pray and/or warm up to an idea. Give God time to work on their hearts.

2. Ensure a level of accountability – both for you and for the team. If it’s written down, it’s more likely to happen.

3. Keep the discussion on track and focused. I’ve often pointed to my agenda and reminded the team “we’ve got a lot to cover – we’ve got to keep moving!

4. When coupled with minutes, agendas provide a reference for decisions and action items. I keep them in my women’s ministry team binder and on my computer so I can reference them when a question comes up.

5. Organize your thoughts prior to the meeting. Writing down the details helps me to think through each step and need. This is invaluable when it comes to big events!

6. Model organization. When you are organized and prepared it encourages and models that behavior for your team. While it may not come naturally to all of us, we can all learn to organize our meetings and thoughts.

7. Set an expectation. If you have smaller committees or teams within your ministry, having an agenda should be an expectation for all.

Agendas remind team members of their responsibilites

8. Remind team members of their responsibilities. If team members are expected to share an update, project, idea, etc. noting that on the agenda serves as a gentle reminder. I put the names of our team members behind agenda items they are responsible for.

9. Allow time to reflect before moving forward. After prayer and an icebreaker, I start our meetings with “old business”. Maybe we didn’t make it through the last meeting’s agenda due to time constraints. We might need to complete a Post Event Evaluation Form before moving forward.

I try to send out my meeting agendas one week before our team meetings. I also use that email to remind the team when and where we are meeting. And I attach any other related notes, lists, and spreadsheets that they will need.

When I’m running behind (life happens!) I still send that reminder note one week in advance and then follow up with the agenda as soon as possible – and I let them know when it will show up in their email box.

Sending out the agenda BEFORE the meeting allows:

  • Anyone who might be absent to contact you prior to the meeting to share any info or discuss agenda items.
  • Someone has a big concern with a topic on the agenda to reach out to you prior to the meeting. Those pre-meeting discussions can be extremely helpful to both of you!
  • Time for the team to gather and research any of our topics. The Decorating Team Leader might want to search Pinterest for some ideas for an upcoming event. The Publicity Chair may want to mock up some flyers to bring and share with the group.
  • Time for prayer and preparation (mentioned above, but worth mentioning again!).

Agendas give your team time to PRAY and PREPARE.

If you’re not currently or regularly writing and distributing agendas for your women’s ministry team meetings, I want to encourage you to do so!

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you use an agenda? If so, why do you find it to be helpful?

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