Has God called you to serve as a Bible study leader or small group facilitator?

Would you like some tips on encouraging discussion?

Do you need some training meeting topics for your Bible study leaders?

Maybe you’re looking for some first day ideas.

Or perhaps the clock moves faster than it should and you need some help staying on schedule.

Whatever your situation, I’ve got some ideas I’d love to share with you.

I’ve compiled all of my Bible study and small group posts here – no searching or digging around the site.

May God direct your eyes and fingers to the resources you need and may He bless your time with your group.

Covering everything from solving common Bible study group issues to tackling why our women aren’t reading their Bibles, the following articles will provide practical help as well as give you some food for thought.

How to Be a Great Bible Study or Small Group Leader

Everything you need to know to be a great Bible study or small group leader! Scroll through the posts below to find the help and tools you need.

Originally published on August 4, 2015, as Tips & Tools for Bible Study and Small Group Facilitators, this post has been updated and redesigned to better serve you.