Wondering what to include in your women's ministry meetings? Help is here!

What should we include in our women’s ministry meetings?

It’s a question I am often asked and one that comes up repeatedly in our Women’s Ministry Toolbox Community Facebook group.

Today we’re unpacking what your team might want to include in your women’s ministry meeting.

First, though, we need to define women’s ministry meetings. A women’s ministry meeting is a meeting, fellowship, activity, or gathering that you host for the women in your church and community on a regular basis. You might meet weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. You may even have a special name for them in your church. 

If you’re looking for help with your women’s ministry team meetings check out the posts here.

There are so many different things you could do at your women’s ministry meetings that it can be overwhelming!

What should we do?

  • Have a meal together?
  • Discuss a Bible passage?
  • Use a speaker?
  • Include an icebreaker?
  • Complete a service project?
  • Offer small group discussion?
  • Provide time to fellowship?
  • Facilitate round-table discussion?
  • Pray?
  • Sing a worship song?

While it can be tempting to replicate what another church is doing, we need to ensure our plans reflect God’s plan for the specific women in our specific church.

Women’s ministry meetings are going to look different in every church. They should.

Answering a few key questions can help us narrow our scope, so it aligns closely with God’s will for our ministry.

6 Questions to Guide the Plans for Your Women’s Ministry Meeting

Q #1 – What is your women’s ministry mission statement?

First, we need to start by reviewing your women’s ministry mission statement. If you don’t have one or think you need to make some revisions, hop over to this post for some insight and direction.

Everything your team offers should always support your mission statement, which always supports the mission statement of your church.

Q #2 – What is the scripture focus or theme that God has given your team for this year?

Many teams find it helpful to focus on a scripture passage or verse. Doing so can help focus your team’s efforts and provide a thread of connection through everything you offer.

Not sure how to discern what God wants your focus to be? Check out this post for help.

Q #3 – What is the goal or intended outcome of your meetings?

Sharing the good news of the Gospel and spiritual growth should be the primary goals of our women’s ministry meetings. This is what sets us apart from purely fellowship activities that women have access to in their neighborhood and community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to point women to the hope, healing, and freedom available when they commit their life to Christ!

Q #4 – How often will you be hosting women’s ministry meetings?

This varies widely from church to church.

You may offer weekly meetings while other church activities are happening. You may decide quarterly meetings are the right fit for your size church. Some groups offer monthly options. 

Strive for consistency and excellence no matter how many offerings you provide.

Keep in mind, it’s difficult for women to build relationships with one another if you only meet 2-3 times per year.

Q #5 – How long will your meetings typically last?

This will also vary from church to church.

If you’re meeting at the same time other church activities are taking place, you may only have an hour.

If you’re meeting in the evenings or on the weekend, you’ll likely have 1 ½ – 2 hours together.

Side note: If you are only meeting during the daytime (M-F), please consider adding in some evening and weekend meetings for those who work or are otherwise unable to attend.

Q #6 – What should we do?

This is the question most leaders are really asking, yet our answer has to fall in line with the other details above.

Your time together will most likely include:

  1. Prayer – at the minimum an opening and closing prayer.
  2. Announcements – other opportunities for your women to grow, serve, and connect.
  3. Icebreaker – providing an opportunity for women to connect, develop deeper relationships, and interact with women in the room they may not know or may not know well.
  4. Testimony – we need our women to share stories about what God is teaching them or doing in their lives.
  5. Teaching – related to the theme or spiritual focus OR activity directions.
  6. Interaction – either through a planned activity (craft, service project, skill, workshop) or small discussion groups.

If you are meeting weekly with your women, I strongly encourage you to study the Bible. Growing together in the knowledge of God’s Word will spur spiritual growth in your women. Even if you offer Bible studies, additional focus on God’s Word will bless your women.

Your team may wish to categorize and vary or rotate the types of women’s ministry meetings that you offer. Next week’s post will address the different types of women’s ministry meetings.

Keep in mind, based on the survey I completed last fall, women desire events that are interactive and interesting! Content always trumps decor.

You may have noticed I didn’t mention door prizes, food, or fellowship.

If your budget allows, door prizes that point women toward Christ can be nice, but they are not necessary. Very nice door prizes distract from the event and can be the source of jealousy among your women.

Food is not a necessity and often encroaches on more important activities. I’ve noticed several churches invite women to come early or stay after for food served in a different location. For example, women are invited to come at 6:30 PM for a cupcake bar in the lobby before the event begins at 7 PM.

Fellowship can and should occur during your meeting.  Icebreakers, discussion time after a teaching session, or chatting while completing a service project all provide pockets of fellowship. We don’t need to schedule separate fellowship time. Women who desire additional fellowship will make time to socialize before and after your meeting. You may even need to encourage them to move their discussion into the parking lot, so you can turn off the lights and lock the doors!

What other suggestions and questions do you have for planning women’s ministry meetings?

May God guide your team as you seek to plan the best meetings for your women!

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