Almost exactly one year ago 20 women in our church gathered for the Prayer Warrior Boot Camp.

Our team offered this prayer training in part because our women had been reluctant to pray out loud during our Bible study time.

Our facilitator would ask if someone would pray before we dismissed and the room would fall silent.

No one dared to breathe.

Eyes were diverted.

The silence grew awkward.

Sometimes a sweet soul could stand it no longer and would offer up a quick word of prayer, but more often than not our facilitator would close us out.

Perhaps you or the women in your church struggle with praying out loud.

We don’t know what to say.

We’re afraid of messing it up.

Chances are if we’re struggling to pray out loud our personal prayer times may be a bit of a struggle too.

Ephesians 3:12 tells us we have boldness and confident access to God through Christ Jesus, but many of us don’t act like it!

Today in the video below I share two of my very favorite prayer tips.

Each one will help you to pray with greater confidence to the One who longs to hear your whispered prayers.

In addition to the two prayer pointers, you heard me share about the new Prayer Warrior Boot Camp course.

That workshop one year ago was just the beginning!

I am humbled and grateful that God would open the door for me to be able to teach women beyond the walls of my church to pray.

I’ve had an awesome team of Beta Testers walk thru the course. They’ve helped tweak and refine the course to ensure you get the most possible out of the course no matter where you are in your prayer life.

One leader noted, “One of the things I love so far is it’s applicability to one who’s a brand new Christian (and) to someone like me who has a good prayer life but knows it can only get better.”

While some of these women were familiar with the ACTS Prayer Model (which we dig deep into) this is what they had to say:

  • I know the ACTS prayer model…I’ve never liked it until now!
  • Even though I am familiar with the ACTS prayer format, I found new insights.
  • I think you cornered a fresh approach to the old acronym ACTS.

The Prayer Warrior Boot Camp isn’t just for leaders! Every woman I know could benefit from some prayer training.

If you’d like to train ALL of your women to pray, please check out the Prayer Warrior Boot Camp Kit for Groups.  I’ve taken the Prayer Warrior Workshop and given you the script and workbook that you can use for your retreat, workshop, or Bible study.

Let’s impact the prayer lives of women everywhere!

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