How to Recruit Women's Ministry Team Members

Recruiting women to serve on your Women’s Ministry Team is one of the most important things you will do as a Women’s Ministry Leader.

It can make or break your team. It can also make or break your ministry.

Years ago while I was serving in a mom’s ministry we learned a very hard lesson about inviting friends to serve on the team, rather than waiting on God and seeking His will. There were power struggles and friendships were strained. It got ugly. Really ugly. And in the end we almost had to shutter our ministry.

I would not wish that experience on anyone…

I learned then just how very important it is to have a process in place for recruiting team members.

Start by putting together a list of names:

  1. Pray God will put women in your path. Expect Him to bring them to you. Keep your eyes open – they may not look like what you expect! Write those names down.
  2. Ask for suggestions from wise, Godly sources. As your Pastors, Pastor’s wives, and trusted Sunday school/small group leaders for suggestions.
  3. Use suggestions from your Women’s Ministry Team.

As you ask for names – be specific. Let them know what position you are looking to fill, what the role involves, and what kind of person you are looking for. IE. We are looking for someone who is warm, outgoing, and friendly to serve as our Hospitality Team Leader.

BEFORE you ask anyone to serve:

  1. Pray – both you and your team need to spend time specifically in prayer over the person and the position. Ask God confirm or remove the names on your list.
  2. When you are comfortable with your list, submit the name(s) to the Pastoral Staff for approval.

Please notice I did not suggest that you put an “ad” in your newsletter or church bulletin. If you advertise an open position you limit yourself to those who “apply”.

Just because someone is willing to serve doesn’t mean they are called to serve.

Willing doesn't mean called.

Don’t make any phone calls or contacts yet!

We’ll talk through HOW to ask women to serve on your team in the next post.

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