Your team members are busy, busy women and they appreciate efficient and effective meetings.

These 10 Agenda Tips will help you keep your team on topic and on time.

1. Realistically consider your time frame

2. Include enough detail to convey clear expectations – expand in the meeting

3. Highlight responsibilities of your team members by assigning names to tasks/discussions

4. Distribute in advance (1 week is ideal)

5. Start and end on time (whether or not everyone has arrived)

6. Attach necessary items that may need review/input (ie. Publicity materials, post event evaluation forms, programs, schedules, etc.)

7. Order items (old business first, then new business)

8. Quickly and politely stop rabbit trails (off topic conversations) – suggest they discuss after the meeting

9, Bring extra copies of the agenda

10. List the meeting location, date, and time (start and end)

As leaders it can be challenging to balance the clock with the Holy Spirit.

If God is clearly guiding and moving in your team’s discussion, trust that He will either expand your time or that an item can be tabled for the next meeting.

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