Christmas Game Round Up

I’ve added so many Christmas games over the past few years that I’ve gone back and updated this post.

You’re certain to find a Christmas game that is perfect for your group!

Christmas games and icebreakers give your guests an opportunity to connect and laugh with each other.

Christmas Table Talk Cards

These free printable Christmas Table Talk Cards can be used SO many ways. Check out the post!

Christmas Icebreaker Questions (Free Printable)

Get your group talking with some great Christmas Icebreaker Questions here.
(includes a free printable)

wrap it up game

The wrapping game with a twist! Laughter guaranteed as your ladies play the Wrap-It Up Game here.


Wrapping paper layered with activity cards creates lots of fun and laughter.
For detailed instructions on Pass the Package click here. Free printable also included.

Left Right Nativity Story (Christmas Game)

Use the Left Right Nativity Game to ease the distribution of gifts, door prizes, etc. featured here.

What's on ur phone?

Play individually or choose the team option, players will scramble to find Christmas-themed apps, photos, and more on their phones. The Christmas Version of What’s on ur phone? is one your guests have probably never played before.

I’ve scoured the web for you and have pulled up some of my other favorites:


 The Crazy Christmas Scavenger Hunt (here) involves setting up
unusual Christmas items in the hunt area prior to the party.
Guests must then walk about and try to determine what Christmas items seem odd or out of place.


We did this fun Paper Plate Christmas Game with the Youth we teach. They loved it!
I can’t wait to have the women at our church try it!

 ring a bellThis Ring a Bell Game could be lots of fun –
especially throughout a Christmas breakfast/brunch/dinner/lunch.
Each time the bell is rung the hostess is looking for someone who can meet  the requirements
of the current question/task. (ie. Can say Merry Christmas in another language.)
I also love the suggestion to have chocolate bells as prizes.

name that holiday tune

It’s a test of Christmas song knowledge as your group plays Name that Holiday Tune.
Have guests jump up and sing the song or turn it into a written test. Either way it’s lots of fun!

christmas piont list

Find out who’s really ready for Christmas with this Christmas Point List
play individually or let the table pool their points for the prize or privilege
(such as being first to visit the buffet table).
Those who have already finished their Christmas preparations will score big!


name that Christmas movie

Test the movie knowledge of your ladies with the Name That Christmas Movie. Noel over yonder??

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