12 DayS of Christmas Icebreaker Games

12 Fun and Unique Christmas Icebreaker Games
Detailed instructions. Printables. Scripts.

Tired of the same old Christmas party games?

Looking for something new?

Successfully used at hundreds of Youth group events, Christmas banquets, holiday parties, Christmas fellowships, small group gatherings, and Bible studies - your group will love these games! 

ā€œI am not normally a game person and would much rather visit with the people at the party, but this game [Left Right Nativity] was entertaining and gave us a fun way to share the Nativity story. Thanks for a great time..ā€ - Susan 


PDF file delivered via email. Use it immediately.

Detailed Instructions

Group size, time needed, supply list (if any), script, and notes included.

Full-color Printable Game Cards

Print out the full-color game cards and detailed instructions and you're ready to go!

Unique and Original

Games, stories, and questions are both unique and original. 

Connection Building

Sharing Christmas traditions and favorites your group will bond and build connections.

List of Included Christmas Games

1. Christmas Connection
2. Christmas Table Talk Cards
3. DRACT (Draw + Act)
4. Left Right Christmas Story
5. Nativity Left Right Story
6. Pick-a-Side
7. Roll & Poll
8. The Great Christmas Candy Pass
9. What's on ur phone?
10. Would you rather?
11. Wrap it up!
12. EXCLUSIVE - A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things

What Others Say


The Great Christmas Candy Pass has always been a hit at our parties and meetings! 



I will be using this [Would you rather?] at my Christmas party with all my co-workers. 



We will love doing this fun icebreaker [Would you rather?] at our ornament exchange next month!


Cyndee Ownbey

I'm the founder of Women's Ministry Toolbox and an icebreaker junkie! I love using icebreaker games to build community and birth new friendships.  I've been writing and creating my own icebreaker games for years and I'm thrilled to package my favorite Christmas icebreaker games together in a book just for you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these games on the Women's Ministry Toolbox website?

Most are, however updates to the directions and worksheets have been made that can only be found in this e-book. Everything you need to play up to 12 Christmas icebreaker games is in one place - no searching the site or clicking multiple links. The game "A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things" cannot be found anywhere else! 

Can I make copies for my Bible study and my office?

If you personally purchase the e-book, yes! If the church purchases the e-book, you will need to purchase a second e-book for your personal use.

Do we need to re-purchase the book to use it again next season?

No. Once you purchase a copy, it's yours to use as long as you'd like.

How will the book be delivered?

You will receive an email with a link to download the book to print on your own printer. It's a PDF file.

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