My Favorite Christmas Icebreaker Games from Women's Ministry Toolbox

Hosting or attending a Christmas party or fellowship?

Want to guarantee the guests interact and have fun?

A great Christmas icebreaker is the perfect way to get your guests to mix and mingle!

Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite Christmas icebreaker games.

Almost every game includes a free printable PDF and very few supplies.

Christmas Connection – This interactive game uncovers Christmas preferences and experiences – connecting women with one another.

Christmas Couples Icebreaker Game – Participants must find their other half. Includes a FREE printable and detailed instructions.

Christmas Icebreaker Questions – Includes FREE printable and a variety of ways to use this questions with your group. Simple and easy. Perfect for a last minute addition.

Christmas Left Right Game – An original Christmas story. You’ll meet Mama Wright and Suzie Wright who are running late for the big Christmas brunch at church. Participants pass gifts to the left and right, keeping the gift they hold when the story ends.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – Unlike many Christmas light scavenger hunts, this one is Christ-focused. Includes FREE printable.

Christmas Pick a Side – Great for both large and small groups. Participants must decide which of two Christmas traditions, items, or activities they prefer. Is your group more the “Elf” crowd or “It’s a Wonderful Life”?
Are they mostly hot chocolate or eggnog drinkers?

Christmas Roll & Poll – Grab some dice and this FREE printable. Ideal for groups sitting at tables. It’s a different game each time you play!

Christmas Table Talk Cards – Includes a FREE printable PDF as well as several creative ways to use these cards.

Game: Dract (Draw + Act) – Includes a Thanksgiving version, Christmas version, and a set of blank cards.  A hybrid of Charades and Pictionary. It’s lots of fun!

The Great Christmas Candy Pass – The most popular Christmas icebreaker game on the site! Gather up some wrapped Christmas candies and the questions and you’re ready to go!

If Icebreaker: The Christmas Version – Includes FREE printable as well as a variety of ways to play.

Left Right Nativity Story – Featuring scripture from the Christmas story in Luke, participants pass gifts to the left and right, keeping the gift they hold when the story ends. Always a hit!

Pass the Package Christmas Game – Who will be the last to open the package and keep the gift? This is an active and fun game is sure to be a hit!

What’s on ur phone? Christmas Version – You may have noticed few women carry pocketbooks anymore but almost everyone has a cell phone. Participants must locate Christmas related items on their phone. Includes directions for team play.

Wrap It Up Game–  Participants must show off their best wrapping skills. Includes a unique twist!

Would You Rather: Christmas Version – A Christmas spin on the classic game of Would You Rather. Includes a FREE printable and detailed instructions.

All of the games include detailed instructions, supply lists, and notes from me on how you might want to alter it for your group.

Icebreakers should be easy and fun – not stressful!

May your Christmas celebrations be filled with merriment and fun!

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