Your group will love the icebreaker game The Great Easter Candy Pass!

Are you looking for an Easter-themed icebreaker game?

You are going to love The Great Easter Candy Pass!

The Great Easter Candy Pass is a quick and fun game perfect for groups of six or more.

Leaders can select from a list of 25 Easter-themed questions.

The further down the list you go, the crazier the game becomes as participants try to hold the candy piling up in their hands.

All the while, women are uncovering unique information about one another and building connections.

It’s a great last-minute game to play at your Bible study, small group, or women’s ministry meeting – all you need is a big bag of wrapped Easter candies and the list of questions.

Click the link below to print a free downloadable PDF with the instructions and all of the questions.

The Great Easter Candy Pass

You can also read through the directions and the questions below. Don’t miss the notes at the bottom!

The Great Easter Candy Pass

Group size: 6 or more

Time needed: 5-10 minutes


  • 2-4 wrapped Easter candies (such as mints, chocolates) per person
  • Bag(s) or bowl(s) for each group to contain candies
  • Printed list of questions


  1. Have group (or groups) sit or stand in a circle within easy reach.
  2. Say to the group: “In just a moment, you’ll be responding to 20 Easter-themed questions. Things like: Do you ever avoid certain jellybean flavors? Have you ever had your picture taken with the Easter bunny? If your answer to any of the questions I ask is “yes,” you’re going to pass one piece of candy to the person on your right. If your answer is “no,” you’ll receive but not pass any candy. If at any point in the game you don’t have a piece of candy but need to pass one, just skip that question. The person holding the most candy at the end of our 20 questions will be declared the winner.”
  3. Ask each participant to take two wrapped candies (you could increase this to 3 or 4, but they all need to take the same number).
  4. Read the questions to the group.
  5. Have everyone count up the number of candies in their hand to determine the winner.

Winner: The person(s) with the greatest numbers of candies wins bragging rights or a small prize.  Let them eat their sweets when finished.

Notes: You may want to create several smaller groups rather than one large group depending upon your space. If they are already seated at tables, just have each table play as a group.

Select 18-20 of the questions below to use with your group.

  1. Have you ever participated in an Easter egg hunt with real eggs?
  2. Do you like to eat marshmallow peeps?
  3. Do you ever avoid certain jellybean flavors?
  4. Have you ever had your picture taken with the Easter bunny?
  5. Have you ever attended a sunrise Easter service?
  6. Are you giving up something for Lent this year?
  7. Have you ever owned a pet bunny or chicken?
  8. Are you planning to dye Easter eggs this year?
  9. Have you ever traveled to Israel?
  10. Are you planning to visit your family at Easter?
  11. Do you like to eat chocolate bunnies?
  12. Have you ever received non-food items in your Easter basket?
  13. Will you be eating ham at your Easter dinner?
  14. Do you usually purchase a new dress or outfit to wear on Easter Sunday?
  15. Do you send out Easter cards?
  16. Have you ever eaten a hot cross bun?
  17. Do you like to eat hard-boiled eggs?
  18. Will you be dyeing Easter eggs this year?
  19. Do you decorate your home for Easter?
  20. Do you like to eat Cadbury eggs?
  21. Do you know the words to the song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”?
  22. Have you seen the movie “Passion of the Christ”?
  23. Will you purchase an Easter lily this year?
  24. Do you purchase Easter candy for yourself?
  25. Do you eat the ears on your chocolate bunny first?
  26. Are you ready to enjoy some Easter candy? (use as the last question)

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