5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet

Through a great amount of trial and error our Women’s Ministry Team discovered these 5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet.

I hope they’ll help you with your planning!

5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet

1. Affordable.

Keep in mind that many of the couples you are targeting are on a tight budget. Make certain your event is affordable for all – including the cost of childcare.

2. Childcare

Childcare for all ages should be offered. Not everyone is comfortable with leaving older children home alone. Take advantage of the situation and put older kids to work as helpers in each room. The cost of childcare needs to be minimal and I suggest setting a limit for larger families – i.e. $5 for each child, $20 for 4 or more children.

3. Food

I cannot stress enough that you need to be certain to order or prepare plenty of food. We roasted our own vegetables one year and did a terrible job of taking into account the shrinkage that would occur. We ran out before everyone was served. Keep in mind that people will take more at a buffet than if the food was served plated.

4. Youth (College and High School Students)

Utilize your Youth to serve the food, refill beverages, and assist with childcare. Often Youth Pastors are happy to lend a hand in exchange for a donation to help with their summer mission trip. If the donation will be based off tips from the evening, make sure that is communicated in your event information.

5. Favors

Provide a favor for all of the women in attendance. Flowers, framed Bible verses, chocolate, etc. I once attended a “valentine event” at church that gave out “romance kits” as the favorite. It was super awkward!! Please don’t do anything too romantic.

What else would you consider “key” for a Sweetheart Banquet?

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