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Tip 17 is a checklist for you to use as you pull together your Women’s Ministry newsletter.

Women’s Ministry newsletters are in no way a requirement, but they can be a helpful tool for communicating with your women.

If you have, or are planning to start a newsletter for your women,  here are some ideas of what to include.

What to include in your newsletter:

  1. Message of salvation – women need to know how they can enter into a relationship with our Savior. Your pastor should be able to point you to some resources if you need specific wording assistance.
  2. Contact information for your Women’s Ministry including your website address and email address
  3. A list of your team members
  4. Calendar of upcoming events so they can save the date
  5. Past event summary – let them know what they’ve been missing!
  6. Mission needs – any donation collections or service opportunities
  7. Detailed upcoming event information

You may also want to include:

  1. Letter or devotional from you or one of your team members
  2. Encouraging verse
  3. Theme and Verse for the year

What not to include:

  1. Any type of inspirational story one would see on Facebook or get in an email – chances are they have already seen it. It can come across as “gossipy” detracting from the mission of your ministry.
  2. Anything you would not want someone outside of the church to see – expect and encourage your women to pass their newsletter onto other women they know.

The more valuable the information in your newsletter, the more likely your women will read it and share it!

With staff approval, you may choose to distribute your newsletter monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly:

  • Via email
  • Through regular mail
  • As an insert inside your church newsletter
  • Distributed at set locations in your church building (ie. welcome desk, holders in the bathrooms, etc.)
  • Or any combination of the above

Your turn to share: What do you include in your newsletter?

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