Does you need a women's ministry email list? Check out these tips and tools for using an email list service for your women's ministry.

While many churches have invested in email list programs that allow email segmenting for church staff members and volunteers to use, not all have.

Before starting your own women’s ministry email list, please make a formal request. Your exclusion may have been an innocent oversight.

If your church does not have an email service or is unable to provide email support for your women’s ministry, you will need to use an email list service.

What are the benefits of using an email list service?

1. Access

One of the most significant benefits of using an email list service is you can easily share access with other women’s ministry team members. If only one person has all the names in their email address book on their personal computer, you and the rest of your team are must rely on that person’s availability and ability to send out your information correctly and promptly.

2. Delivery

Not sure if your women received your email? Now you can check. Most services allow you to see who opened each email and who did not. You may even be able to re-send your email to those that didn’t open it the first time.

3. Ease

You can easily add new women to the email list, and there’s no need to worry that you forgot to check a box to add someone to the email before pressing send. Search to see if there’s a bulk option for adding emails to the service you choose; it may be less work than you think!

4. Replies

You eliminate the ability of your women to “reply all” sending spam or personal information to the entire group. 

5. Security

Your women’s ministry email address book is stored securely online. It’s not lost if someone’s laptop crashes or is infected by a computer virus.

6. Templates

Most email list services allow you to create templates, so all of your emails have a similar look and style. Links to social media and your website page can be embedded at the bottom of each email. There’s no need to attach a pretty PDF or send plain text – you can customize your emails, and they’ll look professional and impressive!

Thankfully, there are several free and inexpensive email list services available online your team can use.

Please check each website to view their current rates and limitations.

Here are several email list service options:

  1. Mailchimp – Free up to 1000 subscribers, 10,000 sends per month 
  2. Mailerlite – Free up to 1000 subscribers, 12,000 emails per month 
  3. Flodesk – While in beta it’s $19.99/month for unlimited emails and unlimited subscribers (regular price $38). Click my link to get the special beta price. 
  4. Convert Kit – Free up to 500 subscribers
  5. Madmimi – $10/month for up to 500 subscribers 
  6. Sendinblue – Free up to 500 subscribers, normally limited to 300 emails per day 

I was using Mailchimp, but have made the switch to Flodesk.

Things to consider:

  1. How many addresses can we input?
  2. How many times can we send out an email each day and each month?
  3. Do they have templates we can use? (You want this option.)
  4. What is the cost?
  5. Can you tag, label, or create separate lists so you can target smaller groups?
  6. Can you view analytics? You’ll want to see how many and who opened their email.
  7. Can you set up email automations?
  8. Will you have room to grow, or will you need to upgrade to a paid account?

You may be wondering, is it worth all the work to transfer the email addresses we have to an entirely new system? I say, yes!

Email is the best way to connect with the greatest number of women.

Important information should always be sent by email first. Social media channels provide a second layer of communication and serve as reminders.

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