Rethinking Women's Ministry: biblical, practical tools for cultivating a flourishing community

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Do you need to rethink your team structure, Bible studies, or discipleship approach?

Rethinking Women’s Ministry invites leaders to take a fresh look at their women’s ministry framework through the lens of Scripture and prayer

Cyndee tackles the common obstacles women’s ministry leaders face: generational gaps, unwilling mentors, biblical illiteracy, cliques, social media, sacred cows, and more! 

Using real-life, practical examples and easy-to-adopt strategies, Rethinking Women’s Ministry gives leaders tools to develop a women’s ministry that flourishes

Does your event framework, outreach, or publicity need to be refreshed? 

Find the tools you need to:

Adapt to today's culture

Ideas for utilizing social media and overcoming busy schedules

Engage every generation

Solutions for teams that struggle to reach every generation of women well

Effectively evaluate

Tools and tips for effectively evaluating your ministry and events

Nurture change

Suggestions for nurturing transformation with grace

For Ministry in the Modern Church

With a vision for women's ministry in the modern church, Cyndee challenges leaders to rethink current ministry practices.

Rather than focusing on Pinterest-worthy productions, this book urges leaders to design events and activities that grow meaningful connections with one another and cultivate a deeper relationship with God—the elements of true discipleship.

The Rethinking Women's Ministry Workbook (a companion workbook) includes guided worksheets, exercises, and bonus materials to help your team expand the reach of your ministry and accelerate the spiritual growth of the womenin your church. 

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You need this guide!

If God has called you to minister to women, you need this guide! Rethinking Women’s Ministry not only helps you refresh and define your mission but gives you the tools needed to create a thriving community that helps women fall in love with Jesus and truly support each other. This is the resource I’ve been looking for as a pastor’s wife and ministry leader – I highly, highly recommend!”

JOANNA WEAVER  //  best-selling author, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

You can trust Cyndee...

“If you’re a women’s ministry leader, Rethinking Women’s Ministry is your essential handbook! Author Cyndee Ownbey asks the right questions, provides practical solutions, then directs leaders to seek God for how their ministry can best glorify Him. You can trust Cyndee’s twenty years of experience to guide your ministry to the next level.”

LESLIE BENNETT  //  manager of women’s ministry initiatives, Revive Our Hearts


Rethinking Women's Ministry is divided into three sections.

  1. 1
    Shifting Target Audience Who are we trying to reach? Do we understanding today's audience? What is the impact of social media and the internet on women and women's ministry? How can we cultivate community and overcome cliques?
  2. 2
    Rethinking the Women's Ministry Framework Chapter-by-chapter we unpack what it means to rethink teams, meetings, bible studies, testimonies and devotionals, mentoring and discipleship, service opportunities and missions projects, calendar, women's ministry events, and publicity.
  3. 3
    Implementing Change How do we make changes and manage sacred cows?

As God highlights areas that need rethinking, you'll be able to form an action plan that will enable your ministry
to reach more women effectively and create a community that flourishes!


Cyndee Ownbey mentors thousands of women’s ministry leaders through her online ministry, Women’s Ministry Toolbox

Cyndee shares tried-and-true tips and ideas gleaned from over 20 years of ministering to women and offers practical advice that challenges the status quo.

As a wife and mother of two sons, she especially appreciates everything a thriving women’s ministry provides.

What Women are Saying

Required reading for every leader...

With the demise of women’s ministry, Cyndee’s book should be required reading for every leader in our church today. And I don’t just mean women leaders. All pastors, please read this book so you know how to serve the women in your church. Our churches are leaving a huge hole because the women have been left behind and have nowhere to turn. This is a much-needed resource for the church today.

Shari braendel //  founder of Fashion Meets Faith, author of Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear!

Rich, practical help to those in women's ministry...

Cyndee’s book gives much-needed focus. Never losing sight of the goal of pointing women to Christ, and helping them dig into God’s Word, she gives rich, practical help to those in women’s ministry ... She roots us in the “why” behind the work, and lays out the intentional “how” to do women’s ministry in a way that keeps our eyes on the goal. I want to put this in the hands of every women’s ministry leader I know.

Gretchen Ronnevik  //  women’s ministry leader and founder of Gospel Mentoring

Find, unite, and equip our women!

Cyndee Ownbey challenges us to take a fresh look at our women’s ministry framework—to authentically consider what is going well and what isn’t. Passionate about encouraging and equipping women leaders, Cyndee lovingly uncovers our assumptions, traditions, motivations, and so much more as she leads us into an examination of who it is we’re really serving, and how to connect with them. Cyndee’s practical and actionable tips and
ideas will help us find, unite, and equip our women!

Jo anne Fore  //  community manager, Women Leading Women, author, When a Woman Finds Her Voice

Exclusive Bonus Materials Available

  • 31 Introduction Icebreaker Questions
  • Bible Study Habits
  • Discussion Group Guidelines
  • Post Event Evaluation Form
  • Publicity Form
  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Share Your God Story
  • Women’s Ministry Health Assessment
  • Women’s Ministry Team Covenant
  • Women’s Ministry Team Needs Assessment

Rethinking Women's Ministry is designed  to help women’s ministry leaders and team members examine what is working well in their church ministry and what isn’t. 

We’ll start by looking at how things have changed over the years. What’s really different? What new challenges must we tackle? 

Then we’ll move on to the heart of the matter – identifying areas where change is needed.

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