Ten Essential Women's Ministry Email Tips

I once received an email from a church staff member that was empty.

There was not a single word in the body of the email. But there was an attachment. Newsletter 25.

Maybe they were in a hurry.

I try, really I do, to extend grace whenever possible.

Despite any assumed or imagined circumstances, that empty email left me feeling empty.

They had missed an opportunity.

A quick “Hey all, hope your week is off to a great start! We’ve got a lot of activities coming up! Please see the attached newsletter for the details,” would have made a huge difference in how I received that email.

It reminded me that every women’s ministry email is an opportunity.

Whether you’re sending out an event reminder, prayer requests, driving directions, or meeting notes, you have a great opportunity!

Every email provides the opportunity to:
  • Connect
  • Love
  • Encourage
  • Inform

Picture the harried mom of three preschoolers pausing to check her email before throwing that next load of laundry into the wash. Encourage her!

Imagine the woman sandwiched between her prodigal college student and ailing mother making a quick email check after her morning prayer time. Love on her! Let her know you are thinking of her.

See the single woman alone in her house, eating a meal alone in front of the TV and absentmindedly scrolling through her email box. Invite her! Let her know you want her to be there. Give her all the details she’ll need to attend.

I’m not asking you to spend an hour drafting some lengthy, warm and fuzzy email. Speak from the heart. Write as if you were talking to them. If God’s laid an encouraging verse on your heart, include it too.

Let your women know that you are thinking of them.

Embrace the opportunity God has given you to love them through their inbox. See 1 Peter 3:8 .

As you send out your women’s ministry emails, encouraging, loving, informing, and connecting with your women, don’t overlook the following details.

Ten Essential Women’s Ministry Email Tips

1. Be consistent

If you’re going to send a monthly email newsletter, strive to send it on the same date every month. Try to find a format you like and stick with it. Insert the same logo. Select the same font. Women should recognize your emails when they see them.

2. Use an email service

If at all possible, use your church’s email program if they have one. Otherwise check out a service such as MailChimp.

3. Use “bcc”

When sending emails to more than one church member, protect their privacy and email address by using “bcc”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen other church members swipe email address and spam them with cute “God stories” or home party invitations. If you’re using an email service, as mentioned in #3, this may not be an issue.

4. Don’t abuse the privilege

No one wants to get daily emails from their women’s ministry team. It’s better to send one email with multiple reminders than multiple emails with one reminder. In this case, less is best!

5. Urgent emails should be truly urgent

There will be times you’ll need to send out an email blast that is urgent. Weather events canceling an event is one example. Be careful no one views your team as crying wolf.

6. Only hand out one set of keys

Limit the number of women who have the ability to send out emails to the women on your list. Create a point person and set up clear guidelines for what and how information should be submitted and for how and when it will be distributed.

7. Keep your email lists updated

We’ve had the privilege to attend 4 churches in the last 5 years. Getting on the lists wasn’t always as easy as it should be and get off the lists were sometime equally as difficult.

8. Label your attachments

When women are searching their downloads or emails they’ll more easily find the information they are seeking if it’s labeled. Even something as simple as Women’s Ministry Newsletter April 2018.

9. Include links

Make it as easy as possible for your women to register for events or access more detailed information. Include links and check to make certain the links work. Always include a link to your ministry’s website page, Facebook page, and any other online tool you use regularly.

10. Never send an empty email.

See the story at the beginning of the post. 🙂

What other tips do you have for sending out women’s ministry emails?

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