Want to host great women's ministry meetings? Follow these 5 key points!

We all want to host great women’s ministry meetings.

Great meetings don’t just happen by accident!

Great meetings take prayer and planning.

Here a few comments from women about what they think makes a great women’s ministry meeting from the survey I conducted last fall

It needs to be a warm, friendly environment where women can be vulnerable and where Scripture is taught and applied to our hearts.

It must be spiritually inspiring, focused on pointing us to Jesus, and then growing us in the word. It must be joyful and loving. I must feel welcome and valued.

It is important that the Word of God is handled and presented accurately. It is also important that the atmosphere is loving and all inclusive.

Everyone’s time is valuable, everyone is busy, and her time should not be wasted on events that don’t spur growth and change.

That it be welcoming to all women no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

That the topic is presented intellectually and with gospel-centered/Grace-based applications. Often, women’s ministry scratches the surface of being intellectually stimulating or academic but is very heartfelt. It would be nice to have both present and coexisting.

The event should be fun and engaging with activities that all ages can enjoy. I want those in attendance to leave the event with a desire to draw closer to the Lord.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t! We can take steps to create great women’s ministry meetings that won’t be labeled as fluffy or boring.

5 Keys to Great Women’s Ministry Meetings

1. Anchored in God’s Word

Every meeting should always be anchored with a scripture verse or passage, no matter what type of women’s ministry meeting you have planned.

Anchoring your meeting with God’s Word:

  • Points women to Christ
  • Communicates the importance of scripture
  • Reminds your women to view the event or activity through the lens of the Bible

If your team is struggling to find a way to connect your meeting topic with God’s Word, that’s a red flag. Take time to examine the lack of connection and make any needed changes.

2. Interactive

The best women’s ministry meetings are interactive. As you plan your meeting, make sure you provide something for your women to do beyond grabbing a plate of food and participating in an icebreaker.

Ask them to:

  • Complete a task
  • Write down a response
  • Discuss the topic at their table
  • Participate in a project
  • Offer a response
  • Make or do something with their hands

Long lectures without discussion or interaction will discourage your women from returning. Placing your women in circles and not rows will naturally encourage discussion and connection.

Provide an opportunity for your women to apply and practiced what they have learned. Women don’t just want to listen; they want to do!

3. Organized

It really does matter if you start and end on time. Take the time to figure out how much time each piece of your meeting requires and do your best to stick to the schedule.

Recruit volunteers to execute necessary tasks. Prep your materials. Tap your type-A girls to work through the details, so nothing is forgotten.

Organization adds the polish to an event that will leave your women feeling valued and treasured. Be sure to check out my Women’s Ministry Event Planning 101 Course for all kinds of organizational tips!

4. Warm and Friendly

In addition to recruiting women with the gift of welcome to serve at the entrance, you’ll want to enlist a warm and friendly meeting leader or emcee. Who is comfortable standing in the front of the room and will put everyone at ease? Enthusiasm and a sense of humor will help encourage your women to open up and participate. Handpick the person who will be doing most of the speaking. The best person for this task is not always the event or team leader.

Be sure to check out the post How to Create a More Welcoming Women’s Ministry for more ideas.

5. Encourages Transformation

Our heart’s desire is that our women become more and more like Christ. We can encourage that process by creating and offering events that offer an encounter with Jesus and encourage transformation. Ephesians 4:22-24 encourages us to put off the old man and put on the new. Our women should be changing and growing! We may not always see new growth, but we have a responsibility to plant seeds and water them.

Always ask your team, how will women encounter Christ? Answer the question before and after the event. Reflecting on the ways in which you saw God at work in your Post Event Evaluation will keep your team focused on prioritizing God’s Word and opportunities for spiritual growth.

What other keys to great women’s ministry events would you add to our list?

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