My Top Ten Team Meeting Pet Peeves

I need to apologize, the list that follows is probably going to come across a bit critical. You may view it as a list of complaints.

I’ve thought about trying to re-write the whole piece from a positive angle. “10 Things I Love about Well-Run Team Meetings” or something like that.

And while that may come across a whole lot nicer, sometimes we need the “truth in love” version.

So I’m #sorrynotsorry.

Some of you need a firm, yet loving, reminder to step things up a bit for the good of your team.

So let’s read through this list, asking God to help us to see where there’s room for growth and improvement.

My Top Ten Team Meeting Pet Peeves

1.Not starting and ending on time.

When you start the meeting late or end it late, it shows you don’t value my time. Assume I have another appointment immediately after. I usually do. Don’t wait on those that are late. Hold them accountable. And do everything possible not to be late yourself.

2. No agenda.

Give me some clue, please, of what we’re going to be talking about. All the better if I can get it in advance – then I can pray, ponder, and research if needed. Let’s all be prepared.

3. Missing meeting reminders.

I know we’re all adults, but we are all busy adults. Take two minutes and shoot the team an email reminding them of when and where we’ll be meeting. Attach that meeting agenda while you’re at it, please!

4. Obligatory prayer.

We’re all good about book-ending our meetings with the “Lord bless our efforts” prayer, but how often does the whole team pray out loud? How often do we hit our knees, literally, on behalf of the women in our church and community? Let’s pray together about the specific details of the next event. I’ve got some great ideas for teaching your team to pray out loud here.

5. The absence of the Bible.

Has God given you direction for our team thru His Word? Please share it with us. Let’s focus on the theme verses for our women’s ministry year. Let’s spend 10 minutes studying Titus 2, Proverbs 31, or any of those featured in the Hall of Faith (Hebrews 11). Let’s look at what God’s Word says about unity, service, or leadership.


6. Meetings without focus or purpose.

It’s your job to reel us back in and keep us from going further down those pesky rabbit trails. We need you to be a strong leader.

7. Feelings that trump the Holy Spirit.

We’re women and some of us are easily swayed by our emotions. Emotions and the Holy Spirit are not one in the same. When things begin to spiral out of control, we need a reminder that our feelings are not always Truth. We need you to step in and put the brakes on any emotions that take us off task.

8. Old business that needs resolution.

It can be hard to remember what needs follow-up from the previous meeting. Ask someone to take minutes so you don’t miss any action items. Use email between meetings to convey information if needed.

9. Silence between meetings.

If our paths don’t cross normally between meetings, you’ll need to be intentional about building a relationship with me. And if you don’t bother, I’ll assume you don’t care. That I am not important. A text, an email, or a phone call mean more than you can imagine. Especially if you’re best friends with others on the team…

10.Meetings that are all business all the time.

We need to laugh. We need to have some fun. Schedule an icebreaker for every other meeting. We’ll work together so much better if we have the opportunity to build relationships with one another. Shower us with a little love and appreciation – whether it’s a thank you mint or plate of homemade muffins.

I know in your heart of hearts that the last thing you want to do is to discourage or frustrate your team members.

What do you need to do to encourage your team members and run a more effective women’s ministry team meeting?

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