5 Ways to Keep Absent Team Members in the Loop

Sick kids, doctor’s appointments, school events, family vacations, and other scheduling conflicts will often make it necessary for one or more of your women’s ministry team members to miss a meeting.

Just last month I had to miss our meeting due to a previous commitment to chaperone a Youth trip.

I know first-hand that feeling of being “out of the loop”!

Today I’m sharing some quick and easy tips for keeping absent team members in the loop.

The time it takes to keep your missing team members in the loop is well worth it!

Team members that feel they were missed will feel their presence is valuable!

Let your team members knows they were missed

Here are 5 ways you can keep those absent team members in the loop:

1. Meeting Minutes

Ladies this is critical. Minutes clear up any confusion for both your present and absent team members.

2. Phone Calls

Both BEFORE and AFTER the meeting. Get their opinion on agenda topics and touch base after they receive the minutes to answer any questions.

3. Agendas

Members can’t share information if they don’t know what will be discussed. It’s no fun to sit at a meeting to find out your missing member has key information about an event that could have been procured in advance. (Be sure to read my post on Meeting Agendas. Do your best to have minutes distributed within three days of your meeting.)

5. Text

Depending on their scheduling conflict, they may be available via text during your meeting. Ask if you can text them if questions come up. If their participation is critical, see if they can call into the meeting and put them on speaker phone for that portion.

6. Schedule Coffee

Depending on the size of your church you may only see your team members at your women’s ministry team meetings. Don’t let another month go by without spending some time with that missing team member. Meet her for coffee and spend some time with her. It doesn’t have to be all business – in fact, it shouldn’t be. Meetings are also about building relationships and praying for one another.

Missing team members don’t have to slow your team’s progress if you’re proactive.

Keeping missing team members in the loop doesn’t just ensure your meeting will run efficiently –  when your team members are informed they know how they can:

  1. Help
  2. Pray
  3. Share

Your team members have great ideas, connections, knowledge, and resources – keep them in the loop and the whole team benefits!

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